After Hours: Express Data vendor channel manager, David Peach

After Hours: Express Data vendor channel manager, David Peach

Interview with Express Data vendor channel manager, David Peach

My favourite book or Papillon, by Henri Charriere - the true story of a man who was wrongly sentenced to life imprisonment under extreme conditions. His attitude in making the best of every situation and never giving up hope has stayed with me.

If I could go anywhere day, I will get a group of friends together to rent a house in the south of France. It couldn't get much better than to relax while getting stuck into some of the best food and wine in the world.

If I wasn't doing this job ... before moving into the IT channel I was a professional chef. While I would never go back to it, l certainly wouldn't mind Jamie Oliver's pay packet!

The person I most admire ...I know someone who is volunteering on a mission in Nepal that provides health services in a community that would otherwise have no medical care. Anyone who puts the comfort and needs of others above their own has my admiration.

I really hate admit it, but when I am in the 12 items or less line at the supermarket, and the person in front has 13 items, I can feel my blood pressure rising.

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