Notes from the field: Vista debuts, Google takes a snooze

Notes from the field: Vista debuts, Google takes a snooze

Consumers have barely smudged the shrink-wrap on Vista, but snafus are already starting to appear. For example, earlier this month, Intuit warned users of QuickBooks 2006 that their software may be "adversely affected" when running under Vista - so if they're planning to upgrade their OS, they need to pony up for QB '07, as well. Apparently, the whole Vista thing has taken Intuit by surprise. On the hardware front, utilities vendor, RadarSync, has created web page ( for Vista users scrambling to find compatible device drivers. The good news? In a Microsoft-sponsored study, IDC predicts Vista will create 157,000 new jobs and $US70 billion in revenue this year alone. No word on how many of those jobs will go to people hired to clean up the mess.

The thin blue (green, red, or yellow) line: A passel of Dell laptop toters are reporting 1-pixel-wide lines running down the middle of their screens. More than 300 owners of (mostly) Inspiron 9200s and 9300s purchased in Spring 2005 have posted their multicolored tales of woe on Dell says it's "aware of the issue and investigating". Even better news: I understand Inspector Jacques Clouseau is on the case.

No wurst for the wear: Google's German site,, disappeared for a few hours last week, apparently the victim of a mysterious domainnapping. Ownership of the domain changed hands several times in a single night before returning to its rightful owner. Following its ordeal, the Teutonic search engine ate some Badener Schneckensuepple and then slept for several hours.

Don't quote me: Cringeman, Abe S, claims Intuit's stock quote server has been sending out today's prices with tomorrow's date, screwing up portfolio tracking for untold numbers of Quicken users. (According to Intuit, the issue was resolved on January 29.) So let me get this straight: Intuit can predict tomorrow's stock price, but not the coming of Vista?

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