Telarus wireless design and audit service takes swing at SMEs

Telarus wireless design and audit service takes swing at SMEs

Survey and analysis tools aimed at improving wireless network capabilities

Voice and data provider, Telarus, has created a new wireless design and audit service for SMEs.

The service revolves around purpose-built site survey and spectrum analysis tools and is aimed at assisting the user to get the right level of performance, reliability and security from their network.

Its survey tool allows Telarus engineers to map out what wireless coverage looks like. They then load the user's floor diagram into the software while utilising a drawing tool to mark objects that could weaken wireless access signals. The tool features two modes: predictive, which builds a theoretical model of the network to predict how the network will operate in practise; and survey mode, which collects real data to outline the strength of the signals visible from each of the site's wireless access points. The vendor said multiple surveys were usually conducted to assess the impact of changes and help with fine-tuning.

Once there is a working model of the network in the survey tool, engineers can assess potential impacts of performance such as heavy usage. The spectrum analysis tool allows engineers to view all signals that operate in the same range as the wireless network, enabling them to locate sources of interference that are not related to the wireless deployment.

Telarus security analyst, Fergus Fitzwater, said poorly designed wireless networks often resulted in variable performance and black spot coverage.

The company's wireless service will be provided at a fixed price for small business sites. Larger users will be quoted based on their size and coverage.

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