PC Briefs: Apple, Sony

PC Briefs: Apple, Sony

Apple broadens its storage offering with new SAN

Although Apple’s core markets remain education and AV media, harried data centre managers would do well to take notice of Xsan, the company’s new 64-bit SAN file system for Mac OS X. Due to ship in Spring 2004 in Australia, Xsan allows you to build a storage pool from Apple’s Xserve RAID arrays to Apple Power Macintosh or Xserve servers connected via third-party Fibre Channel switches. It’s more than just a Mac-only solution, however; Xsan is fully interoperable with ADIC’s StorNext File System, meaning it supports SAN clients on Irix, Linux, Solaris, and Windows. It will cost $1499 per box. Could 2004 be the year Apple finally gains a footing in the enterprise market?

Blue laser products unveiled at convention

Sony demonstrated its blue laser technology drives at the recent National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas. The drives will use discs that hold 23GB of data, and should cost about $US2500 for the internal and $US3000 for the external version. The internal model has a SCSI-3 interface, and the external version works via SCSI and USB 2.0. Media (both write-once and rewritable varieties) should cost about $US45. Consumer high-capacity DVD devices will probably use the Blu-ray format (which holds about 25GB per disc) or the HD-DVD format (about 20GB per disc). Sony Australia wasn’t able to confirm an Australian release date, but a spokesperson said that while the biggest growth in home and data storage would be in DVD dual layer area, its introduction in Australia was linked to the rollout of high definition broadcasting.

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