Premier secures interactive OfficeWorks deal

Premier secures interactive OfficeWorks deal

Contact centre provider, Premier Technologies, has landed a deal with Offi ceWorks to supply an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) store locator.

Premier CEO, Fausto Marasco, said OfficeWorks had been using a variety of different suppliers and saw an opportunity to consolidate.

Premier had previously supplied the Coles Group with call centre support. "What is signifi cant about this type of deal is that the Coles Group has taken the opportunity to have a look at a hosted model," he said.

"That is something we are seeing a lot more of these days. People are really making educated buying decisions about what is appropriate to do in-house versus what is appropriate to go to a technology supplier for." IVR provides customers with the ability to find the closest store, its address, operating hours or special opening times. Its online browser interface also allows authorised employees to update store information.

"It is often hard to predict the traffic they are going to have. This gives them the ability to always take their calls, but when the call volumes are low, they are not paying for the infrastructure sitting there doing nothing," Marasco said.

"What is interesting is that we are seeing large organizations that outsourced their desktops now looking at their call centres. It reflects not just a maturity in the market but also the focus from people that are serious about running call centres."

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