What's Hot: March 14, 2007

What's Hot: March 14, 2007

Oracle Identity Management

Oracle Identity Management allows enterprises to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of user identities across all enterprise resources both within and beyond the firewall. Users can deploy applications faster, apply the most granular protection to enterprise resources, automatically eliminate latent access privileges, and much more. Users have the choice of leveraging Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite in its entirety or deploying individual components of the suite. Oracle Identity Management is part of the vendor's Fusion Middleware product line. The solution includes single sign-on and Web access control, identity administration, user provisioning and compliance, federated identity, directory services, strong authentication, Web services security, and security toolkits.

Distributed by Oracle.
RRP:Contact Oracle for pricing.


RSA SecurID software tokens support the same algorithms as the vendor's SecurID hardware authenticators, including the industry-standard AES algorithm. Instead of being stored in an RSA SecurID hardware authenticator, the symmetric key (or seed record) is safeguarded securely on the user's desktop, laptop, PDA, handheld, or mobile phone.

RSA SecurID symmetric keys may also be stored on smart card and USB devices and used in conjunction with the RSA SecurID software token on the user's desktop. This ensures end users have a number of versatile options to reduce the number of items a user has to manage for safe and secure access to corporate assets.

RSA SecurID software tokens offer strong two-factor authentication in a highly secure software implementation, and support for a wide range of computing platforms and devices. It offers flexibility for authentication models and policies, with support for up to 10 software tokens on one device. It is an ideal solution for consumer-facing companies and enterprises looking to secure access to Web resources for customers, employees and partners.
Distributed by RSA.
RRP: Contact RSA for pricing.

Sun Microsystems Java System Identity Manager

The Sun Java System Identity Manager is the first complete solution proven to reduce the cost of managing identities both inside and outside a business. It also mitigates compliance risks and makes the process repeatable and sustainable. The Identity Manager combines user provisioning with identity auditing, notifying corporate compliance officers of violations and addressing policy exceptions. This enables customers to avoid managing two separate processes, bridging the gap between IT security and auditors - internal and external. Recognised by analysts as a leading provisioning solution, the Identity Manager is scalable to millions of users, including extranet users. It also reduces costs by eliminating manual approaches, reducing help desk and operational workloads, and decreasing the number of user accounts that need to be reviewed. The Sun Java System Identity Manager supports a variety of operating systems.
Distributed by itX.
RRP:The suite is a subscription-based software service, charged on a per employee, per year basis. Standard support costs $75.34 and premium support costs $90.41.

HP OpenView Identity Management Suite

HP's identity solution supports business and IT changes by providing centralised control of user identities. This facilitates regulatory compliance, one of the key drivers of identity management initiatives today, allowing users to demonstrate to auditors that they are following approved processes for user provisioning, access and federation across the enterprise and with partners. Innovative and automated tools can help users avoid system and audit failures. The suite includes access, audit, federation and identity. The technology is used in demanding enterprises including financial services, manufacturing, government and telco companies. It is based on a services-oriented architecture, which means identities are tightly coupled with all transactions or service requests.
Distributed by HP.
RRP:Contact HP for pricing.

CA Identity Manager/Access Control

CA Identity Manager offers integrated identity administration and provisioning. It features password management, integrated identity administration and user provisioning, and delegated administration of user identities. The software provides the user with self-service of profiles and passwords, integrated workflow, and integrated compliance support. It has automated identity management services (creation, modification, and eventual deletion or suspension of user accounts and entitlements) for enterprise systems based upon the user's relationship with the organisation, whether they are an employee, contractor, customer or business partner, and the specific entitlement policies of the organisation. The CA Access Control technology offers cross platform host protection, policy-based management and secure auditing. It supports Unix, Linux, Linux on Mainframe and Windows. Fine-grained management can limit user privileges to the minimal set necessary for their job function, including those of the superuser.
Distributed by CA.
RRP: Contact CA for pricing.

IBM Tivoli Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On

This software automatically manages passwords, easing the security vulnerability created when employees select their own passwords, write them down on paper or store them electronically. Employees authenticate once, and the software then detects and responds to all password-related sign-on events to automate every password management task for the employee including: logon, password selection, password change, and password reset. It can help users deliver single sign-on for all Microsoft applications, client/server applications, Web applications, Java applications, host emulators including IBM AS/400 (5250), IBM OS/390 (3270) and Unix (telnet), in-house developed applications, and host-based mainframe applications.
Distributed by IBM. RRP: Pricing for the TAM ESSO base component supporting Single Sign-On and password wallet begins at $33,915 per 250 users. Additional components add costs of about $6000 per 250 users per adapter.

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