AMD beats Intel in retail desktop sales

AMD beats Intel in retail desktop sales

Desktop PCs with processors from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) outsold those based on processors from Intel in retail for the week ending April 24, according to new research from Current Analysis.

Current Analysis had only been tracking this market for a few quarters, but the most recent results were a high-water mark for AMD, one of its analysts, Toni Duboise, said.

This was the first time AMD-based desktops had surpassed Intel desktops since last November when the company began tracking the data, Duboise said.

“It represents how AMD is gaining strength and momentum within the consumer market,” she said.

Sales of PCs with both the Athlon XP and the newer Athlon 64 improved not only in the low-end of the market where AMD had already enjoyed some success, but in higher-priced desktops.

Intel still controlled the overall market, especially among notebooks, the fastest growing segment of the PC market.

Sixty-one per cent of all PCs sold during the week reviewed came with Intel processors, and 81 per cent of notebooks sold that week were powered by Intel, Duboise said.

Desktop sales still account for 60 per cent of the overall PC market, and AMD has made its greatest strides against Intel in that category.

PC companies such as HP have started to sell more and more AMD

PCs at retail, including three new Pavilion models that helped AMD beat Intel for the week, Duboise said. But desktop PCs based on Intel technology are about to get a boost with the introduction of the Grantsdale chipset expected this quarter.

Grantsdale will improve overall system performance with support for the PCI Express interconnect technology, faster double data rate 2 (DDR2) memory, and an integrated wireless access point.

Intel’s desktop partners are expected to introduce new systems once Grantsdale is formally introduced.

Those new PCs would probably put Intel back on top of the retail desktop market later this year, Duboise said.

When it came to general x86 processors shipped into the market, Intel still held a clear lead over

AMD, principal analyst with Mercury Research, Dean McCarron, said.

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