NOTES FROM THE FIELD: iTunes Vista frenzy, Dell user's envy

NOTES FROM THE FIELD: iTunes Vista frenzy, Dell user's envy

The Cupertino crew may have settled its differences with the Fab Four, but apparently not with the Redmond horde. Apple has warned iTunes fans to avoid Vista, and vice versa, if they value their music collections or the iPods they rode in on. A new, more Vista-friendly version of iTunes should be available in a few weeks. By then, rumour has it, iTunes may be offering the Apple Corps song catalogue for download. Maybe Steve Jobs really is the fifth Beatle. Now there's a thought.

Gimp my ride: 62-year-old Thomas Forqueran, whose 1966 Ford F-250 was totalled by an IEDD (improvised explosive Dell device) last summer, is still waiting for the company to cover the costs of restoring his truck. He claims he can't find any legal beagles willing to take on the mighty maker of smoking-hot notebooks, so he'll take his case to the people. In April, he plans to tow the charred truck to a vintage vehicle show with a big sign on it, thanking Dell for customising his wheels. That's exactly what Dell needs right now - more bad PR. Maybe Dell should spend some of the $US800 million in kickbacks it allegedly got from Intel and buy the man a new truck.

Take a bow, Wow: On Microsoft's new "Show us your 'Wow'" site, users can post photos or videos demonstrating the "awe and exhilaration" they experienced when using Vista for the first time, similar to "the birth of a child ... or an historic event, like a classic sporting moment". Right. My favourite, so far: the video of a skinny Italian drag queen in a stringy blonde wig shimmying to Shakira's Whenever Wherever, while being periodically splashed by an off-camera water bottle. Wow.

This security report has been brought to you by Sesame Street: The US DoD's DNS got DDoS'ed this month, but it remains A-OK. The attack also affected the F, G, I, L, and M root servers, but damage was minimal, thanks to network geeks who followed security procedures to (ahem) the letter.

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