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Interwoven Streamlines IT Operations with OpenDeploy 6

  • 08 June, 2004 16:23

<p>Removes IT operations bottleneck with an automated solution to streamline and secure all code and content deployment processes</p>
<p>Sydney, Australia – June 8, 2004 – Interwoven, Inc. (Nasdaq: IWOV), today announced a significantly enhanced code and content deployment product that removes the bottleneck associated with deploying and provisioning Web-based applications, and accelerates key IT governance initiatives by providing a clear line of sight between IT actions and business imperatives.</p>
<p>Technology consulting firm, Doculabs, outlines the challenge faced by IT operations managers in its recent “Web Change Management and ECM” paper: “The IT operations bottleneck has emerged as organizations have introduced more structured application release processes, allowing developers to focus more deeply on the development of application assets (code, content, and configurations), and giving deployment responsibility to an IT operations team already familiar with IT infrastructure. These IT operations teams are hindered by their dependence on labour intensive, customized deployment processes often based on FTP or rsync, and they struggle to effectively deploy changes to a growing number of dynamic applications across a distributed, heterogeneous server environment.”</p>
<p>Interwoven OpenDeploy 6 Distribution Server software empowers IT operations managers with an automated solution to streamline and secure all code and content deployment processes, while ensuring the accuracy and version management of sites and applications enterprise-wide. OpenDeploy 6 enables IT operations managers to rapidly deliver incremental changes to an application, rather than re-deploying the entire application. The speed and accuracy of deployment provides the business with increased confidence and flexibility in their changes.</p>
<p>Extending Web Change Management
As part of Interwoven’s Web Change Management solution, announced in 2003 (see, OpenDeploy delivers transactional, scheduled, source-agnostic aggregation and provisioning features, giving IT operations managers a unified, predictable standard that can be used enterprise-wide. OpenDeploy aggregates assets developed within any code or content development system, and synchronizes deployments to any network touch point throughout testing, staging, and production environments.</p>
<p>The Interwoven Web Change Management solution helps reduce the cost of managing complex Web-based application environments by a minimum of 40% by automating processes. The Web Change Management solution also provides customers with reporting, version control and rollback capabilities, ensuring application integrity and delivering an auditable, historical snapshot of all application changes.</p>
<p>“A Web Change Management solution enables developers and IT resources to accomplish what was previously impossible—to collaborate throughout the whole process from development to deployment and to automate processes that were previously performed manually,” said Jeff Phillips, senior analyst at Doculabs. “Interwoven is the first ECM vendor to identify the change management needs of a distributed, heterogeneous Web environment, and delivers an effective and comprehensive solution worth investigating.”</p>
<p>“Interwoven is devoted to providing the most integrated set of products on the market,” said Brian Bauer, vice president of IT Solutions at Interwoven. “Not only do we provide an industrial strength set of tools to deliver our applications to production, but we can deliver a number of other applications as well. OpenDeploy 6 opens new opportunities for any large organization seeking more efficient ways to improve governance of their enterprise infrastructure.”</p>
<p>To learn more about Interwoven OpenDeploy 6 and its Web Change Management Solution, you are invited to attend a Webcast on June 15, 2004 entitled “Web Change Management and ECM - An Assessment of Interwoven's Web Change Management Solution.” To register, visit If you would like to receive a copy of the Doculabs “Web Change Management and ECM” paper, please email to:</p>
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<p>Features and Benefits of OpenDeploy 6
• Enterprise Scalability - OpenDeploy 6 simplifies large-scale adoption via SNMP monitoring, timesaving deployment and server groups, and routed deployments across enterprise networks;
• Integrated DataDeploy Module - Unified distribution enables efficient synchronization of database content with other principal Web application assets, including code and unstructured content;
• Extensibility - A new programmatic infrastructure and out-of-box adapters integrate arbitrary source repositories and target protocols and devices with OpenDeploy, thus broadening the range of supported touch points. A Web services-based interface enables incorporation of content distribution into a service-oriented architecture;
• Intelligent Delivery Module - This new module exploits metadata as the basis for publication and expiration of content. Syndicated delivery is supported via an offer-subscription management layer built on the proven OpenDeploy foundation;
• Reliability, Security and Usability Improvements - New features enhance customer ROI and accelerate acceptance of OpenDeploy as a preferred IT infrastructure component. Highlights include receiver-side deployment queuing, multiple OpenDeploy instances per host, and consolidated administration ports.</p>
Interwoven OpenDeploy 6 is available this month. For more information, visit</p>
<p>About Interwoven
Interwoven, Inc. is the world's next-generation enterprise content management (ECM) company. Interwoven's patented, award-winning ECM platform integrates the six pillars of content management: collaboration, e-mail management, document management, Web content management, digital asset management, and records management. Allied with the leading enterprise application providers, the Interwoven ECM platform provides complete, end-to-end content management for more than 2,800 organizations worldwide including Air France, Citibank, Ford, General Electric, Jones Day, Pfizer, Procter &amp; Gamble, and Yamaha. For more information visit</p>
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