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SOESoft, Optimiser Forge Strategic Digital Management Partnership

  • 21 March, 2007 14:03

<p>Digital Management Efficiencies Applied To IT Infrastructure, Device Management</p>
<p>21 MARCH 2007, PERTH &amp; SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: SOESoft – Toshiba Solutions Partner and specialist in enterprise management software and Standard Operating Environment solutions, and Optimiser – pioneering developer of patented Digital Management solutions for controlling digital product and content services at the point-of-use, have joined in strategic partnership. The companies will combine SOESoft's powerful Remote Desktop Management Centre software suite with Optimiser's groundbreaking Digital Management Web services, to add point-of-use control to the hardware and software components throughout an enterprise's computing environment, and across the Internet.</p>
<p>SOESoft, a Toshiba MobileXchange invitee and exhibitor, has developed a unique Standard Operating Environment model and software suite, that enable a business to install, manage and update its software assets, regardless of the device they run on, or where they are located. By integrating Optimiser's equally unique Digital Management technology with its software, SOESoft will deliver powerful assets-rights management capabilities with usage reporting to administrators and users of devices and applications, mobile and fixed.</p>
<p>"We are delighted to be able to announce SOESoft's latest strategic innovation and new partnership with Optimiser at Toshiba's MobileXchange forum," said John Levingston, Director of SOESoft, from the Sydney Convention Centre. "As Toshiba provides leadership shaping the future of mobile computing, we believe we can help make a significant contribution with our solutions for managing devices and applications out in-the-field, as they are used.</p>
<p>"SOESoft sees Digital Management as a vital component for helping vendors, buyers and users acquire, protect and use their IT investments to best effect. With Optimiser's technology embedded in our software, we believe we can offer significant benefits to Toshiba's customers and channel partners."</p>
<p>SOESoft has recently been awarded Alliance Partner status by Toshiba, which has chosen SOESoft's newest product offering, LiveWire – an Internet-ready addition to its Remote Desktop Management Centre (RDMC) software - to bundle on its end-user devices as the default customer support tool. LiveWire will allow Toshiba and its partners to automatically and continually deliver the latest product enhancements, upgrades and support to their customers, and users, when they are connected to the Internet.</p>
<p>"We congratulate SOESoft on the well-deserved recognition it has received from such a foresighted and progressive market leader as Toshiba," said Alan Erasmus, CEO of Optimiser. "Together, our two companies have a lot to offer businesses and users that connect over the Net. Optimiser will be doing everything it can to support all SOESoft's endeavours in what is a very exciting, growing marketplace."</p>
<p>Optimiser's Digital Management solution is unique in several respects, delivering real-time product control and usage data to both vendors and buyers so there is no data privacy issue. It enables vendors to manage their billing, sales, support and product lifecycles; and, similarly, buyers to gather procurement and usage data for ongoing management, accounting and re-charging of their digital product investments. At the heart of the system is a dynamic, online contracting authentication system with user validation that can be further enhanced with biometrics and physical authentication technologies for secure computing applications.</p>
<p>SOESoft, a Toshiba Solutions Partner, is a specialist developer of software for remote management of applications and hardware devices across complete computing environments. Its flagship product, RDMC – Remote Desktop Management Console, is so successful that it has driven company growth at over 20 per cent per annum since incorporation in 2001, and now has an installed base of more than 10,000 users worldwide. LiveWire – an Internet-ready version of RDMC, has been chosen by Toshiba as its default customer support tool for bundling with all its laptops and end-user devices.</p>
<p>Optimiser, founded in 1996, is the creator of a unique, patented Web service for managing and billing digital product and content sales and purchases in real-time, assessed by British Telecom as having a "unique and original" approach. The service provides metadata for accounting, to both vendors and buyers of digital assets so they can manage their sales and purchase investments. It uniquely combines Digital Rights Management (DRM), Digital Asset Management (DAM), Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and Business Intelligence reporting for the modern digital business.</p>
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