What's new: Storage

What's new: Storage

NetApp Virtual File Manager (VFM)

VFM is a software product that virtualises and manages distributed file data. It is a comprehensive solution for managing unstructured file data. It provides non-disruptive data management functionality for server and storage consolidation, data migration, remote office data management and disaster recovery. This is provided through an automated policy-based GUI-based management tool, leveraging a global namespace. It enables administrators to increase data availability, minimise user downtime, optimise storage capacity and simplify storage management. It creates a global namespace that aggregates files located on NetApp storage systems to present a single logical pool of storage. This lets users change, add, consolidate or migrate storage without any impact to end users.

Distributed by Avnet.
RRP: Price varies on configuration.

Packeteer iShared 3.2

Aiming to lower the entry cost for implementing wide area file services (WAFS), this solution provides customers with optimal application performance from the data centre to the branch office. It lets users reduce the number of servers and network devices currently needed at branch locations. It provides improved data security and manageability while helping customers optimise network traffic to the branch office. It delivers WAFS (CIFS acceleration, file differencing, storage caching, distributed file system) with WAN optimisation (gigabyte-level dictionary caching, compression, TCP acceleration, MS Exchange acceleration, and Web object caching) as well as advanced Microsoft application services. It provides key IT services including SMS, Domain Controller, Print, DNS and DHCP.
Distributed by Express Data and LAN Systems.
RRP: $6000

Brocade Tapestry WAFS

Consolidating enterprise-wide storage, this technology simplifies branch office IT services and optimises WAN file traffic to reduce operating costs and increase administrative productivity. It offers branch office consolidation and improved file management. It provides LAN-like read-write access to shared files across WANs. For enterprises with distributed locations, the technology helps streamline branch office IT operations, improve operational efficiency and centralise data management. It features a pair of appliances: the Tapestry WAFS Core Appliance located at a central site with the file server and one or more Tapestry WAFS Edge Appliances located at remote sites. It can improve critical business functions such as accelerating the performance of Microsoft Exchange-based email and enabling global file sharing for centrally located data.
Distributed by Brocade.
RRP: $14,200

HP StorageWorks EFS Clustered Gateway

This is a mid-range NAS fi le server gateway that can be configured into a cluster of EFS Gateway nodes. The clustering capability allows users to scale fi le serving performance in a near linear fashion as nodes are added to a cluster. The architecture is fully symmetrical without hotspots or performance bottlenecks and with complete data integrity on failover. The architecture assures high availability with complete data and cache coherency and failover. It supports file systems up to 16TB. Users can leverage existing SAN or iSCSI infrastructure. It is built with components that can include an HP ProLiant or Blade server platform and a standard operating system.
Distributed by Avnet.
RRP: from $147,415

EMC Rainfi nity 7.0

Offering capabilities in file virtualisation and management to support enterprise archiving, this global file virtualisation solution offers a single platform to manage both active and inactive files throughout a file's lifecycle across heterogeneous environments. It offers enterprises a scalable, out of- band platform designed to deliver an array of essential file management services. It includes seven purpose-built applications that optimise capacity management, performance management, storage consolidation, tiered storage management, data protection, synchronous replication and global namespace management all from a single interface. A file management application automatically identifies and archives static files based on customisable policies to lower total cost of ownership, streamline backup and recovery, and address governance and compliance requirements via Centera.
Distributed by EMC.
RRP: Price on application

Cisco Wide Area Application Engine (WAE)

These WAE platforms are a portfolio of scalable, network appliances that host WAN optimisation and application acceleration solutions. They also provides remote users with LAN-like access to applications, storage and content across the WAN. The platform can host Cisco Wide Area Applications Services (WAAS) software, Wide Area File Services (WAFS) software and Application and Content Networking System software. The platforms deployed with WAAS, for example, overcome the performance barriers created by the WAN through a combination of application acceleration and WAN optimisation techniques that mitigate application and transport latency, improve throughput and minimise WAN bandwidth consumption for any TCP-based application. Deployment and management are simplifi ed through the integration of WAAS.
Distributed by Express Data, LAN Systems and Ingram Micro.
RRP: from $12,000

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