What's new: January 24, 2007: Security

What's new: January 24, 2007: Security

DragonFly Firefly FM-6235a

Ensuring secure access to corporate VPN and Web-based applications, this authentication server, together with the Firefly Secure Gateway, can be configured to provide one-time, dynamic passwords to devices such as mobile phones, PDAs and smartphones via SMS. These passwords are then used to ensure secure log onto the Web. It provides transaction level authentication and connects to existing directories such as LDAP, Active Directory and RDBMS. It is designed for all levels of user, from small bodies to large enterprises and government. Firefly can also provide access to legacy systems, partner sites and distributed systems. The vendor ensures support costs are minimal as the product can be managed and configured centrally, using the Firefly Management Console.

Distributed by SecureServ. .
RRP: from $9000.

Pointsec for Symbian 3.0 S60

This is the vendor's latest product for mobile platforms. It provides data protection and access control for business users with Nokia Eseries handsets based on the S60 platform. Pointsec claims it is the first solution for protecting data stored on S60 devices using real-time encryption. Sensitive information can be automatically encrypted and decrypted with no user interaction required. In the event the device has been stolen, information like SMS, email, calendar, Microsoft Word and Powerpoint files are encrypted and inaccessible. Pointsec profiles allow users to create, change and apply an organisation's security policies across all mobile users. It is Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) compliant and comes with added support for the Intellisync Device Management solution. The S60 Edition also offers tools for centralized administration of encryption. Users that accidentally lock their devices can regain access by contacting their help desk and completing the secure Remote Help procedure. .
Distributed by Pointsec. .
RRP: depends on licences purchased and number of users.

RSA SecurID SID 900

This transaction signing authenticator offers a symmetric key combined with a powerful algorithm to generate a new code every 60 seconds. Ideal for corporate, small business and banking environments, the device serves as a constant security tool to high Net worth individuals by providing online signatures for peace of mind. The ever-changing code can be used in addition to a password for added security during the login process. The multi-function device combines the features of the RSA SecurID hardware authenticator with a signing function to strongly protect business transactions. The thin and compact credit card-sized SecurID device displays a PIN pad, allowing users to enter a transaction value that is then prompted with a unique identifying code. The user submits the code online, and this 'signature' is attached to the transaction, verifying authenticity. .
Distributed by RSA Security. .
RRP: For pricing details, contact RSA. .

Vasco Digipass GO5

Robust and waterproof, this one button authentication device is aimed at the enterprise market. Modelled on its predecessors the GO3 and GO1, it shares similar functionalities such as one-time password authentication. It also provides host authentication and supports the latest Advanced Encryption Device (AES) algorithm standard. The compact device contains a high contract LCD display and with the push of a button displays a unique one-time password. It can also be combined with a PIN entry on a PC. Weighing in at about 10g, the device has a minimum battery life of five years. The GO5 is available in AES, DES/3DES and OATH versions. Users can combine the Digipass with different platforms such as PCs, telephones and mobile phones.
Distributed by Firewall Systems and Lan 1.
RRP: dependent on configuration.

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