Pioneer leverages Via chips

Pioneer leverages Via chips

Budget processors pave the way for cheap machines

Pioneer Computers is claiming a new deal with tier-two processor vendor, Via Technologies, will enable its resellers to turn out PCs at a cost price well below machines built on traditional Intel or AMD platforms.

Pioneer managing director, Jeff Li, said Via motherboard and processor combos started from $72. A bare-bone system, featuring a motherboard, processor, case, keyboard, mouse and CD drive would be offered to resellers from about $120 cost price. They would then need to add in RAM and a hard drive.

A reseller could turn out a low-end machine with a small hard drive for about $200 cost price, Li said.

"The whitebox market is now about 20 per cent of the industry. We want to see it back up around 50 per cent," he said. "With cost prices like this, resellers have a good chance to fight back and make some margin."

The processor range is designed for PCs for general home or office use, but it could also attempt gaming, Li said.

"You can add a graphics card to the motherboard and try to game with it," he said. "But most people will just use it for the Internet and office applications."

Pioneer initially partnered with Via last April.

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