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Inghams delivers enterprising solution with Quark Software's APPX

  • 20 May, 2004 10:22

<p>When Inghams Enterprises decided to upgrade the supply chain applications in their poultry, stockfeed and bloodstock divisions they wanted the software to be readily adaptable and support the company’s philosophy of “Doing the right things and doing things right".</p>
<p>After extensive research of the supply chain management technology available we decided the right solution was to custom-build around our existing ERP system with APPX, said IT Manager, Yvette Magiro’s.</p>
<p>Martin Connolly, General Manager of Quark Software, authorized Asia –Pacific distributor for APPX, says “The benefits of custom-building with APPX compared to other tools is that APPX provides a character and graphical, client server and web enabled software design environment that is database, operating system and platform independent. This means with APPX, organisations such as Inghams can design, implement and maintain complex business process applications that will interface with a large majority of their existing software and hardware applications, extremely fast, with minimal risk and at a fraction of the cost compared to buying and implementing a package system.”</p>
<p>In maintaining their position as the largest poultry producer in Australia, customer service is of key importance to Inghams. The customised client management application, Inghams developed with APPX, provides the sales team with immediate access to individual customer details, order data and stock availability, as well as information on discount sales promotions.</p>
<p>For the poultry and stockfeed businesses, Inghams developed a consolidated inventory management application with APPX that compiles inventory cost, quantity and transaction information; receives and requisitions products, transfers inventory from one warehouse or product to another, and automates both reordering and physical inventory procedures. The application also generates purchase histories, sales analyses, stocking and valuation reports and inquiries, together with a variety of other inventory analyses.</p>
<p>To further reduce order delivery time and achieve greater accuracy in inventory management, Inghams integrated new hardware devises into the inventory management application to automate the main tracking processes. In the warehouses new wireless bar code scanners enable staff to scan picking lists generated by the system, before dispatching allocated stock to customers. The stock feed inventory is now automatically calculated using a new truck weigh devise that records the volume of ingredients received and adjusts stock levels by the ratio of ingredients in the feed mix dispatched.</p>
<p>Inghams also upgraded the entire business management system for their blood stock division with APPX. The system tracks everything from breeding, trainer and jockey fees to the accumulated winnings from each horse.</p>
<p>Magiro’s summarized the impact of the new software by saying, “The supply chain management applications we developed with APPX have provided the company with a strategic operational tool that offers extremely high quality client support and faster more accurate stock management; supporting our competitive advantage and enabling us to remain adaptable to changing business conditions well into the 21st century”.</p>
<p>What’s more “Utilizing APPX, a custom-build platform independent software and the rapid application development techniques provided by APPX distributor - Quark Software. Inghams were able to facilitate the design and implementation of the new supply chain applications across the companies 17 major sites in Australia and New Zealand in just 18 months; with minimal risk; and huge savings in resources compared to the estimated cost of purchasing and configuring package system.”</p>
<p>For more information on APPX solutions contact Quark Software
Martin Connolly
Quark Software Pty Ltd
69 Glassop Street
Balmain NSW 2067
Sydney Australia
Phone (61) 02 9818 87000
Fax (61) 02 9818 5088</p>

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