Joybook Core 2 Duo a sturdy alternative

Joybook Core 2 Duo a sturdy alternative

The Joybook R55 V40 brings BenQ up to date with the latest 64-bit CPU from Intel. In this instance BenQ has used the T5500 1.66GHz CPU, a lower frequency CPU than all other Core 2 Duo notebooks we've seen so far, with testing proving it to be a strong performer.

The 15.4-inch screen has a resolution of 1280 x 800 and a fairly sturdy housing, though some distortion was evident when pressure was applied to the back of the screen. BenQ claim to have a 16ms response time, but significant ghosting was obvious in our tests.

However, this unit did keep up with its competitors which have more powerful CPUs. That said, a noticeable performance hit was evident when we did our more CPU intensive MP3 encoding test (where we encode 53 minutes of WAV files into 192Kbps MP3s), which the R55 completed in 145 seconds, a good 13 seconds slower than the next best CPU. We also ran 3DMark 2001 SE to see how well the GeForce Go 7400 dedicated graphics card would hold up against older games and it performed well.

Using 3DMark 2006 to test those capabilities against newer games proved less successful, with a low score indicating that this notebook won't manage some of the latest titles.

In MobileMark's productivity test, which simulates everyday use while the battery drains, it only lasted for 127 minutes. However, its score in this same test indicated that while the battery did not last as long as we would have expected from a lower frequency CPU, it completed the tasks with a good performance rating.

Verdict: While this system performed unexpectedly well, its battery tests didn't. This is a powerful enough machine, and is pitched at a good price point, but just doesn't compete with systems such as the Acer Aspire 5634WLMi.

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