CEBIT - Motherboard makers show Intel's upcoming chipsets

CEBIT - Motherboard makers show Intel's upcoming chipsets

Motherboard makers are showing off products based on upcoming chipsets from Intel

Motherboard makers are showcasing products based on two of Intel's upcoming PC chipsets, which are due for release during the middle of this year.

Micro-Star International, Giga-Byte Technology, Universal Abit and Foxconn Electronics, among others, are showing motherboards based on the unreleased P35 Express and G33 Express chipsets at Cebit in Hanover, Germany. Chipsets are the components that connect a computer's processor with its memory as well as peripherals, such as an add-in graphics card or hard-disk drive.

The P35 Express chipset offers support for a 1333GHz front-side bus and can support both double data rate 2 (DDR2) memory, as well as faster DDR3 memory. It also supports Intel's Robson cache technology, which uses flash memory to improve system performance and can be used to boot a PC more quickly.

Motherboard makers are pitching the P35 as crafted to work with Intel's upcoming quad-core desktop processors, which will be made using a 45-nanometre process and pack up to 6MB of on-chip cache.

The other chipset on display, Intel's G33 Express, also offers support for the 1333MHz front-sde bus and DDR3 memory. Unlike the P35, the G33 also includes an integrated graphics processor that eliminates the need for an add-in graphics card.

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