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LifeView rolls out Vista Premium Certified TV tuners for desktop and laptop PCs

  • 27 February, 2007 13:18

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<p>TAIPEI, Taiwan - Animation Technologies Inc. a pioneer in developing industry-first video multimedia solutions sold under the <i>LifeView</i> brand, recently announced its collection of Windows Vista Premium Certified TV tuners for desktop and laptop PCs. This collection of Vista compatible TV tuners includes a variety of models for a number of interfaces, ensuring that consumers can find the perfect solution for their TV needs.</p>
<p><i>LifeView’s</i> collection of Vista Premium Certified tuners includes multi-tuner models such as the <a href="" target="_new">FlyTV ExpressCard M5</a>, a dual hybrid TV tuner that provides laptop users with true PIP viewing of any two TV channels at the same time, digital or analog. Built with dual DVB-T and dual analog TV tuners, the FlyTV ExpressCard for notebooks, and the <a href="" target="_new">FlyTV Express PCIe X1</a>
for desktop PCs, allow users to watch two analog TV channels, two digital TV channels, or both an analog and a digital TV channel simultaneously. Unlike other solutions on the market, these FlyTV Express Solutions allow users to watch any two digital TV channels simultaneously, even on different transport streams. In Windows Media Center, the FlyTV ExpressCard and PCIe both enable premium dual-tuner features such as recording one program while watching another, as well as dual program recording.</p>
<p>"Currently, people are worried about whether their peripherals have Vista drivers or not, and are concerned about compatibility,” said Kevin Mai, a <i>LifeView</i> product manager. “We are constantly at work creating drivers to ensure that our customers can continue using our products in Vista. We want to make solutions that simply work in Vista – no compatibility issues.”</p>
<p>Established in 1990, Animation Technologies Inc. has been a pioneer in the field of video multimedia, and has been developing and manufacturing award-winning products sold under its <i>LifeView brand</i>. Its dedicated R&amp;D team develops industry-first solutions for markets worldwide, and has released products for all major PC interfaces including PCI, CardBus, Mini PCI, PCI Express, ExpressCard, Mini Card and USB. In addition, Animation Technologies Inc. also develops solutions for IA, communications and LCD applications. They also work with OEM and ODM companies to help create branded solutions customized to meet the needs of their specific markets. The company’s philosophy is encapsulated in “The Three R’s”: providing the Right Product at the Right Time with the Right Pricing.</p>
<p>In Australia - the <i>LifeView</i> brand by Animation Technologies Inc. is distributed by <a href="" target="_new">G.D.B. International.</a></p>
<p>G.D.B. International was established in 1995 and is an Australian direct importer and national distributor. They are a multimedia and video specialist based in Canberra and servicing the consumer, broadcast/professional video and multimedia market sectors. In addition to <i>LifeView</i>, G.D.B. International represents a number of well recognised manufacturers such as: Audavi, Azden, Chainpus Technology, Cypress Technology, Datavideo, Fast Forward Video, Milide, nNovia, V-Gear, Video Carbon &amp; Xema.</p>

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