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Australian Hosting Company One of the Worlds First to Offer Windows XP on their Servers via a Virtualised Desktop and Wyse Thin Clients

  • 09 March, 2007 10:27

<p>Users Pay a Monthly Fee for Delivery of a Centrally Managed Desktop</p>
<p>Sydney, Australia – 7 March 2007 - Wyse Technology, the global leader in thin computing, today announced that Australian managed services company, BlueFire is using Wyse thin clients with VMware desktop virtualisation to provide a managed desktop on a monthly fee basis to clients.</p>
<p>By using this virtualisation technology and thin clients, BlueFire is able to offer ASX100 type IT department functionality, full security and disaster recovery for an affordable monthly fee. The service is designed for companies with between 15 and 500 users who do not want the high cost overhead of their own data centre, yet want users to have full access to Windows XP.</p>
<p>BlueFire runs VMware’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure on their servers at their secure data centre. The Wyse thin clients are connected to the server and each has their own virtual space on the server independent from all others. Users enjoy full access to Windows XP Pro with none of the drawbacks of using a PC or running their own data centre.</p>
<p>“Because all users are managed by us centrally they enjoy all the benefits of Windows XP without the hassle of driver and system management. This solution provides users with a standard operating environment. This means huge efficiency and cost saving,” said BlueFire managing director, Jason Serda.</p>
<p>BlueFire chose Wyse thin clients rather than standard PCs or as they are called, fat clients, because of the need to minimise support costs and to provide a fully secure and standardised environment to the user.</p>
<p>Thin clients are small diskless devices that in this case receive images from the server, they are true stateless devices that need no support, and are managed centrally from the server with no possibility of users adding programs or viruses themselves. They are low power, low heat, small, and fully secure devices that while costing about the same as a PC, have a much lower TCO.</p>
<p>“We are delighted with the results we are already seeing using desktop virtualisation and Wyse thin clients,” said Jason. “Users really don’t know they are using a virtual desktop, all they see is a very fast implementation of Windows XP Pro. They have a standard operating environment in which to work with full security (nothing is stored on the Wyse thin clients as only images are transmitted), full disaster recovery and management at our hosting centre and of course the ability to upgrade or add programs for all their users at the touch of a button.”</p>
<p>“The real benefit for us is two fold, firstly we can offer our clients a full Windows XP experience with data centre support for multiple users for a reasonable monthly fee, and secondly we are saving on support costs by using Wyse thin client technology. Our research shows that while the purchase costs of PCs and thin clients are comparable, our support costs for thin clients are about one quarter that of PCs. We can support 100 Wyse for the same cost as 25 PCs, and the user has a 100% no-hassle work environment.”</p>
<p>“Wyse congratulates BlueFire on providing this exciting service to Australian small and medium business. By combining the best in desktop virtualisation with Wyse thin client technology and their own hosting services, BlueFire is leading the charge in the new era of managed desktops,” said Rick Ferguson, vice president of operations APAC for Wyse Technology.</p>
<p>About Wyse Technology</p>
<p>Wyse Technology is the global leader in thin computing. Wyse and its partners deliver the hardware, infrastructure software, and services that comprise thin computing, allowing people to access the information they need using the applications they want, but with better security, manageability, and at a much lower total cost of ownership than a PC. Thin computing allows CIOs and senior IT professionals to reduce costs, manage risk, and deliver access to information. Wyse is headquartered in San Jose, California, with offices worldwide and ANZ head office in North Sydney, NSW.</p>
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