What's New: Projectors: February 7, 2007

What's New: Projectors: February 7, 2007

Sony VPL-FE40

According to Sony, this is one of the first projectors to contain its BrightEra LCD panel technology. Compared to its predecessors, the VPL-FE40 has improved panel durability, increased brightness of up to 4000 ANSI lumens and a higher contrast. Through efficient compression and fast transmission of images, presentations can be conducted anywhere over a network from any networked PC. Web browser control is also available, enabling command of a number of the projectors functions over a network, where they can be set-up to send automatic email reports for scheduled maintenance, such as lamp replacement. The VPLFE40 boasts an array of interfaces such as 5BNC for long distance transmission and an HDCP-enabled HDMI interface for uncompressed high definition video. The device is shipped with a 1.3x zoom lens that offers power zoom and focus.

Distributed by Sony.
RRP: $10,995

Panasonic PT-DW10000E

Weighing in at 32kg, the vendor claims this is one of the world's lightest 10,000 lumens machines in its class. The projector offers full high definition resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The optical block is sealed to minimise the effect of dust, and the dust filter includes an automatic electrostatic cleaning robot, so manual removal and cleaning is only required every 2000 hours. The device features Panasonic's liquid cooling system, which directly cools the DLP chips to ensure a quality performance. The projector is sold without the lens, so users can select the optional lens they require to suit their specific needs. For convenience, it is possible to use the same lenses and optical input modules as the DW7000 and D7700 models. Its four lamp system ensures that if one lamp burns out it is automatically switched allowing continuous operation over an extended period.
Distributed by Panasonic.
RRP: $99,000

Mitsubishi Electric HC5000

This high definition projector contains a resolution of 1080P (1920 x 1080 pixels) and features the next-generation C Fine LCD panels, which are made of inorganic compounds. According to the vendor, these have 10 times the operation life of standard organic panels, meaning the projector will still be able to reproduce top quality images in high definition and maintain high contrast levels after hours of use. The HC5000 also includes a HD compatible lens to deliver higher performance over other conventional glass lenses. Working together with this HD lens is the Mitsubishi Electric's auto iris system that is capable of sharpening images for contrast ratios as high as 10,000:1. It also contains the Reon-VX image processor, which is a high performance chip that uses Hollywood Quality Video technology.
Distributed by Mitsubishi Electric.
RRP: $7999

ViewSonic PJ506D

The projector uses DLP technology to offer lifelike images and is targeted towards organisations that require quality performance on a budget. Weighing only 2.7kg with a plug-n-play design, it is easy for users to install and operate. It also has display features that cater for individual needs. It offers an 800 x 600 Super Video Graphics Adapter native resolution. The 2000 lumen projector promises bright images and clear video and also supports HD, including 720p and 1080i. Its whisper quite mode extends lamp life up to 3000 hours and features reduced fan noise during presentations. It comes with a three year warranty and one-year warranty on the lamp.
Distributed by Synnex and Ingram Micro.
RRP: $1119

Toshiba tw95

Featuring many functions like password, panel lock and user logo, this wireless DLP machine also includes a USB reader, wireless LAN, power zoom and an auto focus. It has a contrast ratio of 2000:1 and offers brightness of up to 2200 ANSI lumens. The projector's 4:3 format can be switched to 16:9, and it features a 1024 x 768 XGA resolution and zoom ratio of 1.6x. The 210W lamp offers up to 2000 hours of lamp life, which can be extended up to 3000 hours when it is in ECO mode. It contains s-video, composite video and two RGB inputs. The machine includes a 1W mono loud speaker and comes bundled with a remote control that features a laser pointer. In addition the tw95 comes with an optional trolley, spare lamp, camera c001 and a ceiling mount.
Distributed by Ingram Micro, Cellnet, Dicker Data, and BMS Technology
RRP: $2999

InFocus Work Big IN34

With its sleek and compact design, this DPL-based projector adapts to any meeting room environment, whether it is permanently installed or mobile. It features an easy-to-use instant feedback LED interface, while audible cues inform users on when the projector is starting up, powering down or in need of service. It provides quality brightness of 2500 lumens, XGA resolution and has 2000-hour lamp life. The projector comes with a serial interface connection, multiple computer inputs and s-video. It supports analogue and digital inputs and features a 3W mono speaker as well as a 3.5mm mini-jack input. All users need to do is plug the IN34 in and it will be integrated into the existing IT infrastructure.
Distributed by Image Design Technology.
RRP: $2495

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