JB Hi-Fi stocks shelves with PCs

JB Hi-Fi stocks shelves with PCs

JB Hi-Fi has its eyes on scoring a top spot in the lucrative retail PC market as it continues to pump hardware and accessories into its 73 stores.

Managing director, Richard Uechtritz, said the mass merchant had rolled out PC hardware into as many as 20 stores to date.

"It's currently just a case of finding our way and crawling before we can walk," he said. "We will look at promoting it next year." By Christmas, he said more than 30 stores would offer PC hardware from HP Compaq, Toshiba, Acer and Asus. This number was expected to reach 50 by the end of the financial year.

Specialist PC staff are currently being hired for stores carrying IT products. "We're hiring specialist sales people. The result will be mass merchant appeal with specialty store knowledge," Uechtritz said.

The retailer is also in discussion with Apple about the possibility of adding its hardware added to the mix.

In terms of a prediction on where the company might be with its PC business in a year's time, Uechtritz was quietly optimistic.

"We don't like to make predictions of market share, but in every home entertainment category we're now in the top three. I don't see why the JB consumer won't take to buying PCs from us too," he said.

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