Kazacos' next challenge

Kazacos' next challenge

NSW-based distributors of utility computing software and SMB services will have a new competitor in early 2007 - former Kaz Group boss, Peter Kazacos.

The Sydney-based entrepreneur cut ties with his former company and now Telstra subsidiary on September 29. His new venture, Kazacos Industries, will focus on delivering software applications to resellers that can be run under a utility computing model.

"I'm looking at working with resellers that are interested in offering on-demand services," Kazacos said. "It's a bit like businesses that sell mobile services and get paid based on the traffic."

Those selling software offered by Kaz would get a percentage of the return.

They would also be eligible to fulfill related services.

Kazacos cited a desire to work with Australian software writers as much as possible. While the mix of applications to be offered was still undecided, VoIP was top of the list.

"Having spent the last two-and-a-bit years inside Telstra, I've been educating myself in the whole telco market and I see some real opportunities in converged ICT," he said. "A number of organisations at the bottom end are attracted to converged offerings, but the people selling those aren't as used to dealing in that small space."

The offerings from Kazacos Industries would be limited to set packages of software and, if the business required it, hardware.

"My ultimate goal is that a small business will never have to buy anything again," he said. "They will just rent it for the period they need it and it will work from day one, but the choice will be limited."

Kazacos said the small business market was a wealth of new opportunity. "With Kaz, it was all medium to large enterprise. Going back to it would be like reading the same book again - you just don't want to do it," he said. "The SMB attracts me as it hasn't been conquered by any particular company. It's something new and a bit of a challenge."

Kazacos is currently scouting for office space in Sydney and holding preliminary meetings with both software developers and resellers. The aim was to secure exclusive partnerships.

He was also looking to finding the right reseller to bounce ideas off. "I've debated buying a small reseller, but I don't believe you can be a distributor and reseller at the same time," Kazacos said. "I'm looking for someone who might want to take the journey with me. So many resellers are either IT or telco, but seldom both."

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