Pointsec adds encryption to endpoint protection product

Pointsec adds encryption to endpoint protection product

Device Protector software from Pointsec is designed to prevent data loss via unprotected ports and storage devices

Pointsec Mobile Technologies last week released software designed to restrict or block data transfers over various ports on a mobile device.

The new release of Pointsec Device Protector adds optional encryption for data on removable storage media and for e-mail. Protector was formerly called DiskNet Pro, from Reflex Magnetics. Pointsec acquired that company last fall as part of an effort to expand beyond its traditional full-disk encryption application to the broader category of data protection products.

Pointsec itself is being acquired by CheckPoint.

Device Protector, like other similar products, is client/server software that sets and enforces policies regarding the use of USB and other interfaces to copy and move corporate data. Rival vendors include Centennial, Credant, Safend, SecureWave and Smartline.

Device Protector can separately control the two-way flow of data between a PC or laptop and, say, a USB stick. Policies can be set to exclude classes of devices, such as music players, from using a USB port on a corporate laptop, for example. Alternatively, a "white list" can be created, which will allow only the listed storage media or devices to be used. Protector also can restrict the copying of information to a storage device based on the type of file or document.

A new option for Device Protector is data encryption. Companies can set up the software to encrypt some or all files being copied to a storage peripheral. If that storage device is lost or stolen, the data can't be unscrambled.

Pricing is unchanged compared to the former DiskNet Pro pricing. Client or endpoint licenses start at US$36, and decrease based on volume. The server software for managing the Device Protector clients starts at US$500.

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