IDC: organising and utilising data key CIO challenges

IDC: organising and utilising data key CIO challenges

New survey shows renewed focus on operational efficiences and business processes

A new survey has put organising and utilising data in the list of top 10 CIO challenges for the first time.

IDC's Forecast for Management report also indicated a renewed focus on improvements to operational efficiencies, business processes and re-engineering the supply chain over the past 12 months.

"The proliferation of information is just full-on. With all the extra devices that are connecting to the network, businesses are generating a lot more information online along with all sorts of data," director for IT management programme, Catherin Bennett, said. "To manage and extract the right information out, CIOs need to deploy new tools, software and business processes. Otherwise they are capturing all of the information from all of these devices. Do they need to capture it all? If so, how do they store, archive and protect it?"

Bennett said issues with assessing who gets what access to information, as well as the need to stay abreast of complex technology, as other constant challenges.

"Beyond the technology, CIOs have to look at the change management issues that go with it," she said. "Some sectors, like legal organisations, are tackling it really well by ensuring their business processes track information and how it is used."

Bennett said resellers could help CIOs by advising them on the business benefits and change management issues around new applications and technology.

"One of the biggest things people tend to forget about change management is how it impacts on people trying to do their jobs," she said. "Resellers could help CIOs by not just implementing the technology, but by also addressing those issues."

According to IDC, technologies garnering strong interest include virtualisation and service orientated architecture solutions.

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