Brennan software division gets Perks

Brennan software division gets Perks

Brennan IT has appointed former EDS manager, David Perks, as general manager of its new Software Development division.

Perks previously spent 11 years in various roles at EDS, including Asia- Pacific director of software development, financial services applications industry head and principal for eSolutions. His first focus at Brennan will be to develop new services offerings.

The division is based around three service areas: projects, outsourcing and transformation, which also involves a software-as-a-service solution called Business Services Backbone. This allows users to access accounts, view order status, manage sales campaigns as well as update information.

Perks said it aimed to extend its core business transformation offering into the SMB market.

"We see our future in helping SMBs by providing the applications and consultancy skills to help build their business," he said. "We understand the growing pains that our clients experience because we are dealing with it ourselves. It is a consequence of growth. Not properly managing applications is a big problem in the mid-market.

"We are now in a position to offer end-to-end solutions to clients."

The software development division currently retains 20 staff. Perks said he wanted to quadruple this figure in the next three years.

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