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NewSat to launch five new Business Critical products

  • 24 January, 2007 17:27

<p>NewSat Limited (ASX:NWT) announced in Melbourne today that it will initiate five new product launches over the next 90 days as it steps up its ‘07 attack on revenue growth in the Australian and International satellite services markets.</p>
<p>The specialist satellite company has selected five new key industry targets to grow its revenue: Asset Protection, Business Critical Continuity, Mobile Command, Disaster Recovery, and Resource Surveillance.</p>
<p>NewSat has identified these key areas where its technology and expertise are already trialled and proven highly effective, where a demonstrated need exists and where NewSat can offer added value in meeting the specific needs of the businesses and operations.</p>
<p>“Satellite communication is the key driver and lays down the solid foundation for these new services. In addition, NewSat will be entering into partnering agreements with industry experts to supply these specific services in areas too remote or too devastated for conventional bandwidth mediums such as ADSL,” said Mr Adrian Ballintine, CEO and founder of NewSat Limited.</p>
<p>“Building on our existing success in these industry segments, NewSat will now roll out a solutions-driven set of products which will encompass satellite hardware, software, and our management services and support. Combined with our partners’ technical expertise, these new “products” will be compelling solutions.”</p>
<p>“Each of these products addresses a particular need in the industry,” he said.</p>
<p>NewSat has already made steps in partnering solutions for mobile command and business critical continuity. Business continuity and back-up applications assume that the primary telecommunications source is out of action. “At a time when big business cannot afford to be off-line, lose data, clients or revenue, the NewSat “Never-Stop” package will offer peace of mind to business via its continuity programme,” said Mr Ballintine.</p>
<p>This business model will be expanded to further provide roving applications aimed at emergency response. “In recent times our technology has been responsible for saving tens of thousands of lives via our Earthquake Detection capability.”</p>
<p>“In emergency scenarios such as the recent Taiwanese earthquake, terrestrial communications were unavailable. However, satellite communications continued to function. In a disaster area, the benefits of access to effective and fast satellite communications are overwhelming.”</p>
<p>“Now, with mobile capability we can provide tactical response centres “anytime - any place” for bushfire detection and surveillance,” he said.</p>
<p>On the asset protection front, much research, including successful trials, has already been completed with a group of technology partners including Victoria’s Spatial Information Infrastructure, from the Department of Sustainability and Environment, in developing new technology for precision farming. Early benefits highlighted include not only more productive cropping across broad acres, but even significant water saving.</p>
<p>In a successful demonstration of the mobile business model, Mr Ballintine went on to say that the existing Municipal Mobile Library services enhanced with NewSat satellite through its partners, CalibreNet, has been exciting in proving that mobile business operations can benefit from the ultimate “road warrior” experience with satellite communication to the internet for broadband connection, thus providing online access to home-office databases applications, email, web browsing, internet phone (VoIP) and even video streaming.</p>
<p>“We are very excited about the new product range which is designed to capitalise on our improved sales structure arrangements where we recently opened new offices in Perth and Queensland to augment our head office in Melbourne, support office in Sydney, and our teleport facilities in Perth and Adelaide.”</p>
<p>“NewSat, through its partnering arrangements, is beefing up its promotion of timely and relevant products for market segments which have a demonstrated need. It’s out with the generic and in with the highly focussed to achieve our continued positive results this year,” he said.</p>

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