IBM's System z mainframe zooms ahead

IBM's System z mainframe zooms ahead

Analysts give IBM's System z a big nod of approval based on its power consumption thru to built-in virtualization capabilities

IBM's System z mainframe is a 'rising star' for reliability, security and management, according to a report from analyst firm Ptak, Noel & Associates.

The report, written by senior analyst Richard Ptak noted the power efficiency of the mainframe - it says that the System z box can be set up to consume one-twelfth the electricity of a similarly configured distributed computer farm.

Further, because of the mainframe's built-in virtualization, server optimization and specialty engines, customers can also generate extreme cost savings. Ptak says that this power efficiency should yield fuel for mainframe demand.

IBM's efforts to run Linux workloads on the mainframe via the Integrated Linux Facility should also fuel its use, Ptak says. More than 800 developers and 300 independent software vendors support Linux applications on the mainframe; as many as 28% of System z customers run Linux on their mainframes.

IBM cited a 100% increase in the number of applications running on the mainframe; nearly 1,000 applications running on Linux are available for the System z.

The System z mainframe can meet "the needs of a significant portion of the IT market that demands unrelenting and unmatched reliability, security and control," says Ptak in the report.

According to Ptak, 20% of IBM mainframe revenue and 30% of MIPS comes from customers who are running Linux on their mainframes.

"The story of IBM's mainframe experience is still being written and it looks to be a story of impressive rebirth, renewal and return," the Ptak report said.

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