LCD monitor looks good in motion

LCD monitor looks good in motion

Though not the fastest LCD on the market, the 4ms response time of the NEC MultiSync 90GX2 makes it highly suitable for gamers, or anyone who watches a lot of TV or video on their PC.

This 19-inch, 1280 x 1024-pixel monitor features a fairly robust anti-glare exterior, along with a four-port USB hub and dual inputs (DVI and DSub). Manual setup is fairly standard, with five gamma presets including Text, Photo and Game, and colour settings that include a user setting, and an sRGB mode.

We thought the power LED brightness control was a nice touch.

The MultiSync 90GX2 performed well in our tests, with strong contrast and high brightness. It also lived up to its claims of fast response time with only minimal ghosting during screen scrolling and virtually no blurring during in-game motion.

While many high-speed panels provide only 18- bit colour and use dithering to approximate the range of a 24-bit panel, NEC claims this is not the case with the MultiSync 90GX2. However, we could see visible banding in our colour ramp tests that would make this unsuitable for colourcritical design work - though it's extremely unlikely that you'd notice this in general use. We also found screen uniformity was a little patchy around the corners, and noted that colour inversion on bright tones occurs long before you reach the limits of the quoted viewing angles.

Verdict: While colour handling is good for a panel this fast, the MultiSync 90GX2 isn't suitable for high-quality design work. However, it's bright and clear and the 4ms pixel response time will be appreciated by gamers for its blur-free motion.

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