My Say: The power of green technology

My Say: The power of green technology

As an IT topic, reducing data centre power consumption isn't very sexy, ranking below filing expense reports and maintaining the mainframe. But for those whose hearts race at thoughts of propping up the bottom line, power conservation is a cross between Keira Knightley and Matthew McConaughey. That's because the data centre's thirst for power keeps growing.

Denser servers and blades not only drive up energy consumption; they increase the heat, which translates into greater cooling costs. Throw in the surging price of oil, and organisations have a mess on their hands, as described in " IT Confronts the Power Crisis".

"IT pros are only now beginning to recognise how serious the problem is," author Dan Goodin noted, "even though it has been dogging the enterprise for at least the past five years."

Upping power efficiency is good for the environment as well. Yet going green is rarely the primary motivation.

"When forced to choose between a solution that saves money and one that saves Mother Earth, companies choose the former every time," Goodin said.

"You find a few quirky ISPs whose main selling point is their environment-friendly practices... but most enterprises are more concerned with saving money and figuring out how to see their data centre through its expected life span."

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