Virtual Offis signs BigAir wholesale deal

Virtual Offis signs BigAir wholesale deal

New network services to replace and support Telstra network

Managed service provider, Virtual Offis, has signed on with BigAir to provide primary and secondary broadband connections to its customers.

CEO, Craig Allen, said it had chosen to bring on an alternate system to Telstra's copper-based DSL network to ensure its eBusiness and Internet services were reliable.

"To put it bluntly, dealing with the major carrier in the market is getting difficult," he said. "You get an outage report and it can be as simple as some technician moving a wire - but it still has to be resolved."

Allen related one example of a Virtual Offis customer in Adelaide which was cut off from its services. He claimed Telstra had taken three site calls before the situation was resolved satisfactorily.

"Keep in mind we have 99.999 service level agreements. If we don't deliver, we're paying a penalty," he said.

Typically, Virtual Offis will offer BigAir's non-terrestrial connectivity as redundancy from the ups and downs of the Telstra DSL network, but Allen said it would also be offered to new customers as a primary point of connectivity. Existing customers include ING, Manchester Unity and IBM.

BigAir CEO, Jason Ashton, said it was happy to be considered a real alternative to the larger carriers.

The wireless broadband provider currently has 20 partners on its books, including Ethan Group and Virtual Offis, but was actively looking for more.

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