NOTES FROM THE FIELD: Gadget expo in bloom, PeopleSoft awaits doom

NOTES FROM THE FIELD: Gadget expo in bloom, PeopleSoft awaits doom

Between TechXNY and the recent Digital Life (DL) trade show, I feel like I've been living inside a suitcase. At least DL had a pulse, thanks largely to Google, which announced its new desktop search engine there. The show was sponsored by a gadget rag that's a cross between Maxim and IEEE Spectrum. More proof that babes and geeks don't mix (and I should know).

Game Dames: Cringe-o-phile Nicole C. claims when she attended TechXNY, all she got to show for it was a package of breath mints handed out by Iomega. She misses the days when trade shows were filled with cheesy karaoke and booth babes. Had she stuck around the Big Apple for Digital Life, she could have met the Swedish Girls of Gaming, seven femme fatales who tour the world embarrassing any geek who dares take them on in a game of Counter-Strike.

I avoided the ones named Thelma and Louise and tried chatting up Sofi, but she looked at me as if I were an insignificant life-form not even worth killing. Maybe I should have chewed a few of those Iomega breath mints first.

Swallow This: Between People-Soft's poison pills and Oracle's suddenly less-than-generous mood, you'd think the deal would be dead. But my spies tell me Oracle's consulting unit is in the middle of a reorganisation designed to make it easier to absorb the PeopleSoft consultants after Oracle has assimilated them.

There's an acquisition strategy for you: Bite off the head, spit out the poison, and consume what's left. If a mongoose can do it, why not Ellison?

Before You Die, You Hear the Ring: An anonymous Cringester said his company's West Coast VP insisted the office's phone extensions be changed because they all began with the number four. His reason?

The word four in Mandarin (si) sounds the same as the word for death. This is especially odd when you consider that the executive isn't Chinese, and the company does no business in China.

I understand this VP also believes if you watch the wrong corporate training videos, you'll die within seven days.

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