Unixpac offers top-line security with ArcSight

Unixpac offers top-line security with ArcSight

Niche distributor, Unixpac, has inked a deal with ArcSight to deliver its security management products to Australian resellers.

CEO, Tom Piotrowski, said the US-based vendor's enterprise security management (ESM) platform allowed systems integrators and VARs to deliver a holistic picture of an organisation's security set-up.

The ArcSight platform, which is based on an Oracle database engine, centrally collects, stores and monitors security event data. Through its centralised console, users can create security management and compliance reports. The vendor has worked with over 100 vendors, including TippingPoint, Check Point, Fortinet and WebSense, to develop plug-in connectivity to all of their security solutions.

"Customers want something to correlate all of their security information," Piotrowski said. "Security today is so broad - you have the perimeter and firewall, antivirus, email security, intrusion detection and prevention. It's an overwhelming task to read all the logs to try and make sense of broader state of security.

"ArcSight is targeted at top executives who are not delving into the nitty gritty, but just want piece of mind that their systems are safe and secure."

Unixpac is the first distributor appointed by ArcSight in Australia. The vendor had previously dealt with customers and security integrators directly. Piotrowski said it was initially approached to distribute the product three years ago, but had thought it too support intensive.

Since then, the product had matured, as well as gained significant mindshare, he said.

With larger vendors, such as IBM, now getting into the ESM game, ArcSight thought it time to strengthen its Australian presence, Piotrowski added.

Resellers would be required to undergo training and accreditation to get up to speed with the ArcSoft product.

Unixpac would provide this in conjunction with the vendor.

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