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Vodafone first in Australia to offer mobile phone with 1 megapixel digital camera

  • 30 March, 2004 15:30

<p>The Sharp GX30 is the new Vodafone live! mobile phone with the ability to produce digital camera quality photos
From now on, all you need in order to immortalise that unforgettable party, holiday or first magic smile is your mobile phone.
With an in-built digital camera that can take one million-pixel pictures, today’s launch of the exclusive Vodafone live! Sharp GX30 handset is a major milestone in the Australian and global mobile markets.
The Vodafone live! Sharp GX30 is the first GSM-enabled camera mobile phone that can take pictures of a resolution of one million pixels, which is three times the normal resolution for camera phones on the Australian market today. In addition to amazing picture quality and picture communication possibilities, the user-friendly clam shell, quad-band (GSM) mobile phone is fitted with Bluetooth support, MP3 player, video message function and a colour screen that displays 260,000 colours. Oh, and of course, you can also use it for making calls.
The Sharp GX30 offers printable high resolution digital images, meaning hard copy keepsakes can be produced simply by saving the images to the 8 MB GX30 memory stick, which fits straight into a laptop, where they can be downloaded and printed on high quality photo paper and preserved forever.
Graham Christie, marketing manager for Vodafone live! says: “This is a huge step forward for multi-media communications in Australia, and means camera phones are finally on a level with digital cameras in terms of quality and ease of use. The benefit of having a Vodafone live! Sharp GX30 in your pocket is being able to act spontaneously and capture moments as they happen, then share them with family and friends all over the world.
“We’re seeing a huge uptake of camera phones in the Australian market and PXT messaging is steadily increasing in popularity as more and more people gain access to mobile multi-media services. Mobile phones are now really changing the way we live and communicate with each other – these days all you need to leave the house with are your keys, your wallet and your mobile phone to stay connected in a truly mobile world.”</p>
<p>Product Information:
One Megapixel Camera
The Sharp GX30’s in-built one megapixel digital camera opens up a whole new world of possibilities. It can take stills in five different sizes - from 858 x 1144 pixels down to 120 x 160 pixels – it’s capable of rapid shooting mode and there’s a 7x digital zoom for the smallest picture size. Like its predecessor, it has a macro setting for taking close-ups and a 7 colour torch is fitted alongside the lens to light up objects when taking photos in poor light. And with the GX30’s photo editing program with a rich diversity of frames and image effects, you can put the finishing touches to the pictures you have taken.
Pictures taken at the larger sizes are simple to transfer to a computer by inserting the mobile phone’s memory card (8 MB SD Memory Card) into the computer’s SD card reader or via a USB cable.
For the first time also, the Sharp GX30 offers printable quality images, meaning hard copy keepsakes can be produced simply by saving the images to the GX30 memory stick, which fits straight into a laptop, where they can be downloaded and printed. Or save your favourite megapixel shots as your PC screensaver.
240 x 320 Colour Screen Boasts 260,000 Colours
The Sharp GX30 has two colour screens: the main screen (LCD) has a 240 x 320-dot resolution that boasts 260,000 colours for pictures even sharper and richer in contrast than its predecessor. The outer display is larger than the Sharp GX20’s and it has a 64 x 96-dot resolution and 65,000 colours. With both screens, users can add their own background pictures. Both screens also display caller ID information, as well as the time and date of each call. The outer screen can also be used as a viewfinder when users want to take their own pictures.
Mobile Entertainment
The sharp, crystal clear colour screen enhances the users’ experience when they download Java games from Vodafone live!’s wide range of games. Nearly 50 different Java game titles are available through the Vodafone live! portal for the Sharp GX30. What’s more, the GX30 is optimised to accommodate Vodafone live!’s extensive range of downloadable polyphonic and real music ringtones (numbering over 2,500). It is also equipped with an audio player that supports the MP3 format and a video function to record video clips of around 10-20 seconds. These clips can then be sent as Video MMS to other video-enabled mobile phones or to e-mail addresses*.
- ends -</p>
<p>For more information, please contact:
Laura Stephens, Pulse Communications on 02 9904 3063 or 0405 534 955
Kelly Smith, Vodafone Australia on 0414 208 386</p>
<p>Press pictures of the Sharp GX30 are available on request.</p>
<p>* Other mobile phones with a video function include the Sharp GX20. To view video messages via email, customers need to download a</p>
<p>Phillips Media Player for their PC’s that handles the .3gp format.</p>
<p>Notes to Editors:-
Recommended retail price of Sharp GX30:- $899
Cost to send a PXT 75 cents flat fee*, regardless of whether just an image is sent or an image with TXT and sound attached is sent.
Can be sent to any MMS capable mobile (Vodafone has inter carrier agreements with both Telstra and Optus) or any email address in the world.
Cost to send a Video PXT
$1.25* flat fee. Able to send and receive to any other video compatible mobile or to any email address in the world.
- Sending a Video PXT file from a Vodafone live! video-compatible phone to a video-compatible phone
- When you send a Video PXT file to video compatible phone the recipient can simply receive and play the video.
- Sending a Video PXT file from a Vodafone live! video-compatible phone to a video-compatible phone - When you send a Video PXT file to a non-video-compatible phone the recipient will receive a TXT message directing them to the PXT World website where they can view your
Video PXT.
- Sending a Video PXT file to an email Address - When you send a video PXT to an email address, the person receiving the clip will need to have a special media play installed into their PC to play it. This can be downloaded free of charge from the Philips website at Philips Media Player
Vodafone Easy Purchase Plan
With Vodafone you don’t have to lock-in to a call plan to get the latest and greatest mobile. With Vodafone Easy Purchase Plan you can simply purchase any mobile you like with easy monthly payments over a 6, 12, 18 or 24 month period, with no lock-in contract to a single network. To approved applicants. Terms and conditions apply. Credit fees, interest and charges may apply.
Vodafone live! compatible handsets, all with integrated digital camera
- Nokia 3200 RRP $399 PXT
- Panasonic X60 RRP $449 exclusive to Vodafone live! PXT
- Motorola V525 RRP $499 exclusive to Vodafone live! PXT
- Sony T610 RRP $499 PXT
- Sharp GX10i RRP $699 exclusive to Vodafone live! PXT
- Sony Z600 RRP $799 PXT
- Sharp GX20 RRP $999 exclusive to Vodafone live! Video PXT, PXT
- Sharp GX30 RRP $899 exclusive to Vodafone live! Video PXT, PXT</p>
<p>About Vodafone
Vodafone Group Plc is a leading mobile communications company - 25 per cent of the world’s mobile phone users are connected to Vodafone. Vodafone has equity interests in 26 countries, and partner networks in a further 13 countries - leaving an unmatched network footprint. The company provides quality services to 2.67 million Australian customers, 1.34 million New Zealand customers and 91,000 Fijian customers. Vodafone has more than 122.68 million proportionate customers worldwide.
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<p>About Vodafone live!
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