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SCO UnixWare 7.1.4 Brings UNIX Security and Reliability to Small Businesses and Replicated Sites

  • 16 June, 2004 13:44

<p>New full-featured, low-cost server platform now available for small businesses.
New Web Service enabling technologies.
Enhanced security and networking services. Increased application and hardware support.</p>
<p>The SCO Group, Inc. (SCO) (Nasdaq: SCOX), the owner of the UNIX® operating system and a leading provider of UNIX-based solutions, has announced the release of SCO® UnixWare® 7.1.4. The latest release of SCO’s award- winning UNIX operating system includes new hardware support, enhanced security features and Web Services capabilities and marks another important milestone in SCO’s commitment to continue to deliver high performance solutions to meet the demands of business critical application environments.</p>
<p>For the first time, a Small Business Edition (SBE) of UnixWare is now available for customers looking to affordably add the security and reliability of UNIX into their computing environment. UnixWare SBE is configured and priced for customers that need a full-featured, low-cost server platform supporting edge-of-network services. Other standard features include: file and print services, mail server, DHCP, Web browser, Web server, firewall, proxy server and a relational database.</p>
<p>“SCO UnixWare has long been known for its rock solid reliability, flexibility and scalability,” said Jeff Hunsaker, Senior Vice President and General Manager, SCO’s UNIX Division. “With new features, capabilities and product configurations, SCO UnixWare delivers high value to its customers. Additionally, the Small Business Edition product will introduce dependable UNIX solutions to a whole new category of workplaces.”</p>
<p>Web Services
Optionally installable, UnixWare 7.1.4 now also includes SCOx Web Services infrastructure components such as SOAP and XML based Web services libraries and tools for developing new applications using C, C++, Java, Perl and PHP. These components will enable applications built for UnixWare 7.1.4, including legacy applications, to communicate with other applications using Web-based industry standards.</p>
<p>The latest version of UnixWare includes many additional features, ease of use and administration improvements, increased security capabilities and updated support for leading hardware platforms and peripherals.</p>
<p>UnixWare 7.1.4 highlights include:
Hardware Support -
Expanded support for Intel Xeon™ Hyper-threading architecture, including basic ACPI support.
Enhanced USB and USB 2.0 printer support.
Enhanced PCI Serial and IDE driver support for ATA devices over 128GB.</p>
<p>Enhanced Security and Networking Services -
VPN support based on the IPsec (secure IP) protocol.
Updated Network Time Protocol (NTP) Server.
Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) &amp; Name Service Switch (NSS) support.
Updated SSL and SSH components.</p>
<p>New Application Support -
Java 2 SE Version 1.4.2 Runtime Environment.
MySQL 3.23.49 and PostgreSQL 7.4.2.
SOAP &amp; XML toolkits for developing Web Services.
Native UnixWare version of Mozilla 1.2.1 browser.</p>
<p>SCOx Web Services Components -
Apache 2.0.49 Web Server.
Tomcat App Server 4.1.30.
Perl 5.8.3.
PHP 4.3.5.</p>
<p>Network, Mail and Administration -
Samba 3.0.
Sendmail 8.12.9.
Emergency recovery support for IDE, USB and SCSI writable CD drives. Enhanced SCOAdmin DNS Manager.
Improved SCOAdmin Storage Management.</p>
SCO UnixWare 7.1.4, the most advanced deployment platform for industry standard Intel® and AMD™ processor platforms is available in six pre-configured editions based on the customer’s specific business needs and system requirements. The six configurations of UnixWare 7.1.4 include the Small Business, Base, Business, Departmental, Enterprise and Data Center Editions. Each edition of SCO UnixWare allows businesses of any size to leverage the price/performance benefits of deploying industry standard servers and the security, reliability and high performance capabilities of the UNIX operating system. In addition, because UnixWare scales to meet a wide range of business requirements, customers can start with the edition that meets their needs today, knowing that additional resources (users, memory, CPUs, etc.) can be added as the business grows.</p>
<p>SCO Update
The SCO Update Service is a convenient way to acquire tomorrow’s technology at today’s prices. By purchasing a SCO Update License when a customer acquires or upgrades UnixWare, the cost to upgrade to the next release of UnixWare is locked in.</p>
<p>Unlike update services offered by other vendors, the SCO Update License does not have to be purchased annually. It is purchased once for each release, and it entitles each customer to receive the next operating system release, regardless of when it becomes available.</p>
<p>For a limited time, SCO is making it even more affordable for customers to keep their servers upgraded to the latest technology by offering special pricing on upgrade licenses to UnixWare 7.1.4 from UnixWare 7.1.3/7.1.2 or 7.1. 1 bundled with SCO Update Service. Customers who take advantage of this promotion when they upgrade to UnixWare 7.1.4 will save an additional 10 per cent on the cost of upgrading to the next release of UnixWare.</p>
<p>Product Availability and Pricing
SCO UnixWare 7.1.4 is now available. Product pricing varies based on the number of systems and configurations. The list price for the standard UnixWare SBE, including a single user license running on a single processor and 1 GB of memory, is US$599. SCO is marking the introduction of this new Edition by offering a limited time promotional five-user (5) license running on a single processor and 1 GB of memory for the same price (US$599). This limited time promotion is available until October 31, 2004. For more information, contact your nearest authorised SCO solution provider, or visit the SCO Web site at</p>
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<p>Notes to Editors</p>
<p>About SCO
The SCO Group (NASDAQ: SCOX) helps millions of customers in more than 82 countries to grow their businesses with UNIX business solutions. Headquartered in Lindon, Utah, SCO has a worldwide network of more than 11,000 resellers and 4,000 developers. SCO Global Services provides reliable localised support and services to all partners and customers. For more information on SCO products and services visit</p>
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