Still room for integrators despite IAM consolidations

Still room for integrators despite IAM consolidations

Acquisitions, consolidations and vendor aggression are set to define the Identity and Access Management (IAM) market for customers and the channel over the coming years, according to a IDC.

In a recent report, titled Australia Identity and Access Management Competitive Analysis, 2006, the analysis firm predicted competition will heat up as large "suite" vendors vie for tenders, better solutions for customers, and moderated prices.

IDC senior analyst for security, Patrik Bihammar, said after much consolidation in the in IAM market, a large number of "suite" vendors had emerged. Joining long established players such as IBM, Novell and Sun were CA, Oracle, HP and BMC whose recent acquisitions had bolstered their IAM offerings. Bihammar expected these vendors to base their IAM offerings on three methods: system-centric, security-centric or application-centric services.

Although IAM solutions were mainly sold to large organisations with complex infrastructures managing thousands of identities, Bihammar said vendors had begun to offer tailored SMB/E express offerings too.

"These express offerings are faster, easier, simpler to install and manage and more cost effective for smaller organisations," he said.

And despite the consolidation of vendors, Bihammar said the channel would continue to play a significant role in delivering solutions.

"The A in IAM stands for access management and strong authentication, which is a channel dependent business," he said. "The I is for identity synchronisation, user management and de/provisioning, and is usually provided by large system integrators such as Accenture or specialized niche integrators like Agreon and Directory Services."

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