CSIRO claims world's fastest wireless link

CSIRO claims world's fastest wireless link

Multi-gigabit link to be demonstrated in Sydney

The CSIRO is claiming to have developed high-speed wireless technology capable of transmitting data faster and more efficiently than previous methods.

CSIRO researchers will demonstrate the six gigabit link in Sydney this week.

"Multi-gigabit links operate at speeds that leave current wireless networks far behind," the research organization announced in a statement.

To illustrate such speeds, CSIRO claims the entire works of Shakespeare could be transmitted over a one gigabit per second link in four-hundredths of a second, or a full DVD movie could be sent in 34 seconds.

Director of CSIRO's wireless technologies laboratory Dr Jay Guo said the system is suitable for situations where a high-speed link is needed but where it is too expensive, or logistically difficult, to lay fibre - like congested urban environments or across valleys and rivers.

"The system is also ideal for creating networks to meet short-term needs such as [during] emergencies and large events," Guo said.

The CSIRO team will transmit 16 simultaneous streams of DVD-quality video over a 250-metre link with no loss of quality or delays during the demonstration.

The demonstration will only utilize one-tenth of the capacity of the link, according to CSIRO.

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