EMC revs up dealer incentive program

EMC revs up dealer incentive program

EMC has launched a new offering for dealers to help it wrestle market share away from competing brands.

The EMC Software Accelerators program would deliver high margins and rebates, general manager of commercial and channel sales, David Henderson, said.

"This program is part of an ongoing drive for EMC to take market share from our competitors," he said. "There's a lot of money at stake here - we're going to be offering rebates of up to 28 points below the line and margins above the line of 20-25 per cent."

To qualify for the program, a software integrator has to approach EMC or its local distributor, LAN Systems, with a new business opportunity. If approved, EMC will offer an initial 5 per cent below the line rebate with another 15 per cent tacked on for a successful sale.

Extra points could also be made on top of the initial 20 per cent for meeting other conditions, such as successfully taking business away from an EMC competitor.

"I guess the program's an attempt to put some margin back in the market which is desperately needed," XSI CEO, Max Goldsmith, said. "As long as the steps involved to get that margin aren't too onerous, it will be a good thing."

While the healthy rebates and margins would be welcomed by other EMC partners, Henderson hoped they would also attract other integrators currently working with rival vendors.

"We've designed this so that solutions providers will really sit back and think about it," he said. "It isn't just a Christmas special."

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