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3Com Helps Victorian Councils Meet Strict Audit Requirements and Improve Productivity

  • 21 November, 2006 00:00

<p>3Com today announced that the company’s secure, converged solutions are helping several Victorian Councils meet strict compliance standards, improving workplace productivity and securing ratepayer data.</p>
<p>3Com and key partner Generation-e have recently signed deals with several councils for solutions that feature IP telephony, wireless, switching and security products, which reach more than 5,000 council staff. Three of these councils have implemented a TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). The TippingPoint IPS met local councils’ stringent auditing and compliance standards and provides unprecedented levels of security.</p>
<p>Victorian councils that have signed up include Nillumbik Shire Council, Wangaratta Rural City, Maribyrnong City Council, Glen Eira City Council and Benalla Rural City Council. 3Com is delivering on the spot compliance, faster and more reliable information access and the ability to expand and offer additional services.</p>
<p>“On the spot compliance is critical to any government agency,” said Mark Bretherton, systems administrator, Maribyrnong City Council. “When we put 3Com’s TippingPoint IPS to the test, we watched first-hand as the system stopped threats and notified the administrator. Seeing such effectiveness, we had no need to look any further.”</p>
<p>Geoff Edmonds, IT director at Nillumbik Shire Council commented, “3Com’s TippingPoint security solution is fast and reliable and its live reporting tools satisfy our audit and compliance needs.”</p>
<p>Wangaratta Rural City, spread over 21 sites, has implemented a 3Com® NBX® IP Telephony System, supported by a network infrastructure featuring Power over Ethernet and TippingPoint IPS. All inter-site telephone calls are made at no additional cost, courtesy of 3Com’s NBX technology. Wangaratta Rural City also benefits from presence features, voicemail to email and other productivity tools. Most importantly for this large council is the lower cost of ownership and productivity gains that the system provides. “3Com’s NBX is so easy and intuitive to use, the council staff can manage adds, moves and changes themselves. This means there is less reliance on our IT resources and outside contractors,” said Neil Taylor, IS Manager, Wangaratta Rural City.</p>
<p>The expandability of 3Com’s NBX solution means Wangaratta’s new telephone system will last for years, with the ability to expand to 7,500 handsets.</p>
<p>Glen Eira City Council has purchased a fully redundant high speed, high capacity 10Gb/s network that allows councils staff to work at full speed supporting ratepayers. This 500-port network provides gigabit connectivity to every user and dual 10 Gb/s connections to a fully redundant core. The 3Com Switch 5500 solution provides maximum capacity today and is simply upgradeable to support Power over Ethernet as Glen Eira expands its 3Com NBX IP telephony platform.</p>
<p>3Com and Generation-e – protecting converged networks
“Local council networks handle massive amounts of inbound and outbound data daily,” said 3Com’s managing director for Australia and New Zealand, Bruce Cossill. “The increasing interactivity of council websites is also making them targets for hacking and other malicious activity. As voice and data networks continue to converge, protecting these sites and their flows of voice and data communication, without disruption, is paramount.”</p>
<p>Generation-e managing director, Biagio La Rosa, revealed that cost and scalability are key factors in councils choosing 3Com products. “Local councils operate on tighter budgets than their state and federal counterparts,” commented La Rosa. “They can’t afford to be handcuffed to vendors who overly limit potential future expansion. Product performance is the base line, but 3Com works with us to find solutions that are reasonably priced and use open standards, so councils don’t lose flexibility to mix and match technologies as they see fit.”</p>
<p>3Com networking and security products implemented are:
· Nillumbik Shire Council –TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention System
· Wangaratta Rural City – 3Com Switch 5500G-EI with XRN® Resiliency, 3Com NBX v3000 IP Telephony System, 3Com Power over Ethernet switching, TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention System
· Maribyrnong City Council - TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention System
· Benalla Rural City Council– 3Com Outdoor Wireless network links
· Glen Eira City Council - 3Com Switch 5500G-EI with XRN Resiliency</p>

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