Resellers report Ingram price rise

Resellers report Ingram price rise

Some resellers have reported an increase in product pricing following the final integration of Tech Pacific into Ingram Micro on April 1.

Ingram sales director, John Walters, said some prices may go up but there is no policy to increase across the board.

Director of Adelaide-based ITPro, Gary Oliver, said Ingram Micro was generally more price competitive than Tech Pacific. But he said the new Ingram had adopted the higher price for most products that had previously been carried by both companies. For example, Microsoft Windows terminal service had been available for $730 from Ingram Micro but was listed at $780 with Tech Pacific.

Ingram had now adopted the higher price, Oliver said.

Prices had also risen across hardware and peripherals, he said, citing a 10 per cent increase in the cost of a Logitech keyboard.

As a result, Oliver said he had reapplied to rival distributor, Synnex.

He would also be looking for other comp­etitive pricing, particularly across OEM products, he said.

AfterDark MD, Peter Davies, agreed there had been pricing increases from Ingram Micro in recent weeks. Like ITPro, he had dealt with both distributors prior to the merger.

"Pricing seems to have been raised surreptitiously so no one noticed," he said.

Overall, however, Davies said the transition appeared to be going smoothly. "We're still getting back­order requests and they have changed over the website with no difference to us," he said. "We're happy to continue with Ingram as it is, but I'll be watching continuously for disruptions in staff and what changes that will cause."

Walters said there may be odd discrepancies.

"We're trying to get prices level to where Tech Pac and Ingram were," he said. "Tech Pac was three times the size of Ingram and a lot of the product lines were similar. The intention has been to keep the old Tech Pac pricing where it has been.

"Resellers may see some levelling up, but there will also be some fantastic pricing."

Technology Trading House general manager, Michael Cooke, said it had also observed a price rise. However, he claimed this was because its vendor buy breaks had not been loaded into the new look TechLink website.

"Typically, a call to our Ingram account manager provides the right price, although the sooner this can be resolved the better as we rely heavily on TechLink," he said.

In response, Walters pointed out the scale of merging the two operations into one and said the distributor needed more time to integrate each reseller's standing into the new Ingram. He estimated 20,500 customers held accounts, 9000 of which were active.

"Certain customers with old Tech Pac credits had one buy break, but with Ingram they had a different buy break," he said. "We've got to out where they stand with a combined discount. At the new entity this is not yet reflected.

"We're working through this anomaly."

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