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The New Rotel 06 Series

  • 08 November, 2006 15:15

<p>The Rotel 06 Series is a new chapter in Rotel’s long history of bringing audiophile design features and solid engineering to real-world prices. The 06 Series comprises of a CD player, DAB tuner, three integrated amplifiers and a pre / power amplifier combination. This elegant, slim Series is available in a smart silver finish.</p>
<p>Building on the design and success of the award-winning 02 Series, which it replaces, the 06 Series has been exhaustively revised to include new instrument grade components, as well as additional features and functionality.</p>
<p>The RCD-06 CD player epitomises the time and effort that goes into every Rotel product, in this case extracting huge amounts of detail from a CD. To ensure signal purity it incorporates four independent power supplies, UK-designed metal film resistors and a new enhanced 24 bit / 96KHz sampling multi-level DAC.</p>
<p>The three integrated amplifiers, RA-06, RA-05 and RA-04 (70w, 40w and 40w respectively), are all designed around Rotel’s legendary amplifier circuits, powered by ultra-stable power supplies, the cores of which are Rotel-manufactured toroidal transformers. Ground paths
for signal routing and power supplies are separated and symmetrical, with copper bus bars being used for all high current sections. Rotel is justifiably proud of its power supply designs that are key to dynamic performance and low frequency control.</p>
<p>The RT-06 DAB tuner offers the latest in Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) as well as RDS FM and AM analogue wavebands. It features independent signal paths and power supplies for both the digital and analogue sections, therefore maximising all broadcast performances.</p>
<p>The RC-06 pre-amplifier is a purest design based on a symmetrical circuit board layout and short signal path routing.</p>
<p>The RB-06 power amplifier (70w) is the ideal partner for the RC-06 offering a high performance, high-power combination. For complete flexibility 2 RB-06’s can be bridged for a system powerhouse in excess of 180 watts / channel or bi-amped for the ultimate in refinement. An 06 Series system allows for the RB-06 to be added to any of the 06 Series
integrated amplifiers both as an upgrade option or when more control of the loudspeakers is necessary.</p>
<p>All 06 Series amplifier systems can be assembled to address the flexible requirements of the listener and feature excellent phono inputs as well as a front panel Media Player input allowing for quick and easy connection and playback of MP3 and iPod devices.</p>
<p>The 06 Series is an international effort, designed with the collective input of development teams in Japan and the United Kingdom. Rotel’s design process is a careful blend of analysis and astute subjective judgment based on the pursuit for equipment that is musical, reliable and affordable. The Rotel manufacturing ethos is an essential feature of achieving this. Parts are selected from all over the world: resistors and capacitors are sourced from the UK, Germany and America; semi-conductors from Japan and transformers are manufactured in-house.</p>
<p>Rotel is a 45-year-old family business run by Bob Tachikawa, son of the original founder who is still active in the company today. It’s specialist audio products are distributed through a global network of expert retailers.</p>
<p>The 06 Series is available in silver with the following retail prices:
RA-04 $599 RA-05 $799 RA-06 $1099
RCD-06 $799 RT-06 $1099
RC-06 $599 RB-06 $649</p>
<p>For further information please contact: International Dynamics Australasia
Trademark acknowledgements: iPod is a registered trademark of
Apple Computer Inc.</p>

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