Fuji Xerox culls 200 resellers

Fuji Xerox culls 200 resellers

Fuji Xerox has pulled the plug on its Star Partner Alliance, dropping 200 resellers from its books.

Fuji Xerox Oceania operations manager, Paul Harman, said its newly-minted X-SELLerator program was open to around 100 partners, divided across two tiers: Mach 1 and the more exclusive Mach 2.

"We started the Star Partner Alliance three years ago during a channel acquisition phase," he said. "It was a pretty homogenous program which allowed us to acquire partners off a broad base, but there was no refinement or co-dependence."

According to Harman, partners had been able to stay in the Star Partner Alliance without a great deal of effort.

"All it took to get into the Star Partner Alliance was to sell $25,000 per quarter and that's really just six or seven printers," he said. "This new program is trying to reward and manage partners who aren't just along for the ride, picking up the odd bit of opportunistic business.

"They know we need to work with partners who want to be successful and, in turn, we need those partners to perform too."

Harman wouldn't reveal the criteria for staying viable in the X-SELLerator program, but said it was a more complex equation of revenue, sales and other criteria. Benefits of the new program remain similar to the Star Partner Alliance, including access to higher margins, training, rebates on hardware and supplies and a Fuji Xerox printers MasterCard.

Fuji Xerox will hold its first major event under the new program's banner for its 20 Mach 2 partners in Sydney on October 17.

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