Security vendors at odds over multiple engines

Security vendors at odds over multiple engines

Security vendor, GFi, has released a white paper touting the adoption of multiple antivirus engines. But Trend Micro has hit back, warning resellers not to get caught up in the hype.

Titled, "Why one virus engine is not enough", the whitepaper examines the role of antivirus engines in protecting businesses from the varied landscape of malware threats.

According to the report, businesses should employ more than one antivirus engine because "even though every antivirus vendor in the market claims to have a fast response time, there is no single company that will consistently be the first and fastest to respond to a virus outbreak."

However, Trend Micro premium services manager, Adam Biviano, doesn't see the issue in the same light.

"Traditionally, running more than one antivirus engine at a time has opened up problems in respect to the stability of PCs," he said.

Although Biviano conceded multiple antivirus engines could pick up additional threats, the key point of vulnerability for any system was in the human element.

Biviano added that a more logical approach would be to run a master antivirus suite that could be complemented with security products (such as anti-phishing programs), run by specialist security resellers.

"Managed security offerings are becoming popular and there's definitely value in letting someone else take on the pain," Biviano said. "But just piling on more antivirus engines to try and gain one or two extra detections can be very counter productive."

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