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Superior Alternative to ACT! 2007 Now Available

  • 08 November, 2006 10:04

<p>Maximizer Software highlights advantages of Maximizer 9 over recently released ACT! 2007</p>
<p>VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – November 7, 2006 – Maximizer Software Inc. (TSX: MAX), a leading provider of proven and affordable customer relationship management (CRM) and contact management solutions, today announced a number of product enhancements and special offers aimed at providing small businesses with a superior alternative to Sage Software’s popular contact management product ACT! 2007*. The company outlined significant areas of superiority including mobility, support for small business growth including pricing options, industry-specific versions, system functionality and speed.
With more than one million licenses shipped to small businesses, Maximizer 9 is the industry’s most proven and affordable customer management system for small businesses and home offices and is the major competitor of Sage Software’s ACT! 2007. It includes complete sales and contact management with deep integration of Microsoft Office (including Outlook, Word and Excel) and industry-leading reporting functionality from built in Business Objects Crystal Reports XI. Maximizer 9 features a number of significant areas of functional and practical superiority over its chief competitor ACT! 2007 including: complete mobility for the Windows Mobile OS platform, support for small business growth, industry-specific versions and system performance.</p>
<p>Complete Mobility: Introducing MaxMobile for Maximizer 9
New for Maximizer 9 is MaxMobile - a native application for the Windows Mobile platform. The new application enables small business owners to access their customer data using Windows Mobile-compatible wireless devices such as the Palm Treo 700w, Dell Axim X51 series and the HP iPAQ.</p>
<p>With the introduction of MaxMobile, Maximizer 9 users can interact with their Maximizer address book, calendar, hotlist, notes and user fields using a native Windows Mobile application. ACT! 2007’s Windows Mobile solution is a synchronization product, not a native application. This means small businesses do not benefit from basic Contact Management functions such as linking contacts to the company they work for or viewing notes related to a specific contact. MaxMobile is also integrated with the PDA's email system to send and log email communications - and in the case of Windows Mobile Phone Edition devices, allows Contact calling from the Maximizer Contact list. Users of Palm OS devices can access their Maximizer contact management information using the MaxLink for Palm OS product for two-way Maximizer and Palm synchronization. In addition to these solutions, small businesses can also access their Maximizer information on the Palm OS, Window Mobile OS or Research In Motion (RIM) BlackBerry devices through Maximizer's two-way Outlook synchronization.</p>
<p>Support for Small Business Growth
Maximizer 9 offers small business owners unequalled flexibility to scale their customer management system with the rapid growth of their businesses – while preserving the ability to upgrade to full CRM suite functionality at any time. Maximizer is available in single user increments or as five or ten user Team Packs which provide significant cost savings over ACT!. And, because Maximizer 9 is built on the same code base as its larger business-ready big brother Maximizer Enterprise 9.5, small businesses that require full CRM suite functionality can take advantage of a seamless upgrade at any time. ACT! 2007*, Sage CRM* and Sage CRM SalesLogix* represent Sage Software acquisitions and have been developed on three separate code bases – exposing companies upgrading from ACT! to a loss of business momentum resulting from steep learning curves, potential time-consuming data conversion efforts and a risk of lost customer information.</p>
<p>Industry-Specific Support for Small Businesses
To help small businesses start managing relationships with their customers sooner, Maximizer 9 offers industry-specific templates for Real Estate, Financial Services, High Technology, Legal Services, Professional Sales, and Home Offices. Maximizer 9 can also be easily configured to suit other industry specific requirements as easily as Microsoft Outlook. These powerful industry-specific customer management products are included at no extra cost to Maximizer 9 customers. ACT! 2007 only offers a single industry-specific version, for Real Estate, which is much more expensive than Maximizer 9 for that industry.</p>
<p>System Performance
System speed and performance are critical requirements for small businesses in which employees often perform several functions. System speed is especially important when managing large numbers of contacts or when looking up customer details while interacting over the telephone. Maximizer 9 is designed to work smoothly with minimum system requirements of a 350 MHz processor and 256 MB of RAM - specifications often found in Intel Pentium II-powered desktops and laptops. ACT! features minimum system requirements of a 600 MHz processor and 512 MB of RAM. A 2006 CNET review of ACT! recommended 1GB to get adequate performance from ACT! As a result, small businesses using ACT! may have to upgrade their laptops and desktops or suffer with poor system speed.</p>
<p>According to Bill Stroll, Sales and Marketing Manager, StepForth Placement Inc, “Maximizer has no doubt lived up to expectations in our company. Given my previous experience with ACT! and GoldMine for over 10 years at other companies, I knew our company would require a faster and more effective contact management system. After reading about Maximizer on many different web portals and user groups, I knew it would be the right purchase for our company. In fact, Maximizer went above and beyond as it contributed to a 20 percent year over year sales growth.”</p>
<p>Other Maximizer 9 features not offered by Sage Software’s ACT! 2007 include:</p>
<p>An easy-to-learn Microsoft Outlook-like user interface;
Industry-leading reporting from Business Objects Crystal Reports XI;
eCommerce-enabled Web site creation including order management;
Income and expense management; and
A short learning curve to upgrade to full CRM suite functionality in Maximizer Enterprise.
Small businesses already using ACT! can make a smooth transition to the fast performance of Maximizer 9 using a one-click ACT! to Maximizer data conversion tool – which allows companies to move their customer information quickly so they can stay on top of business.</p>
<p>"Small businesses have unique customer management needs as they compete with larger organizations by providing their customers with a better, more personalized customer experience. They need a system that works with their existing software and equipment such as Microsoft Outlook and, in many cases, slightly older computers. Above all, they need a reliable product that will let them focus on the business, not the software, “said William Anderson, Executive Vice President, Technology, Maximizer Software. “From the superior performance and industry-specific support of Maximizer 9, to sensible pricing options and friendly North American-based customer support, every single aspect of Maximizer Software is designed to promote the success of our customers.”</p>
<p>For more comparative information on ACT! and Maximizer 9 please visit:</p>
<p>About Maximizer Software</p>
<p>Maximizer Software Inc. is a leading provider of proven and affordable customer relationship management (CRM) and contact management solutions that help small to medium-sized enterprises improve sales, streamline marketing, and enhance customer service &amp; support. Maximizer Software has helped over 7,500 Maximizer Enterprise™ customers and over one million Maximizer™ users grow their businesses by building profitable customer relationships with award-winning solutions. Maximizer Software is a worldwide organization with Business Partners and offices in its three regions: Americas, Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA), and Asia Pacific. Customers include leading companies such as Siemens, Ipsos-Reid, Nestlé Clinical, Ericsson, HSBC, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, William Mercer, and Bank of New York. Learn more about Maximizer Software at</p>
<p>*ACT!, Sage CRM and Sage CRM SalesLogix are registered trademarks or trademarks of Sage Software, Inc.</p>
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