Facebook's social, Prince goes local

Facebook's social, Prince goes local

Ad nauseum. Facebook unveiled its spiffy new 'social ads' concept last week, where Facebookers get to broadcast all their commercial preferences to their friends and get nothing but their ads in return. Want to just skip the whole thing? Sorry, no can do, Facebook Ego Scout, Mark Zuckerberg, said. "It's an ad-supported service," shrugs the Doogie Howser of Web 2.0. On the plus side, I understand the new ad service comes has its own catchy jingle: "I'm a pimper, you're a pimper, wouldn't you like to be a pimper too?"

Yes, but will it dream of electric sheep? The Google Phone has finally arrived and - surprise - it's not actually a phone. Steve Ballmer has already dissed Google's Android OS as "just a press release", a sure sign of Microsoft's deep concern that Android will prove to be the banana peel beneath their slippery toehold in the mobile space. But the name? Philip K. Dick references aside, it's not the warmest and fuzziest thing the Google marketeers have ever conjured up. I think I'll call it 'Andy', just to break the ice.

The Artist Currently Known as A******. The midget from Minneapolis has struck again. First his minions sent a takedown notice to a woman in Pennsylvania who'd posted a 30-second clip of her toddler shaking his booty to Let's Go Crazy on YouTube. Maybe he was afraid fans would confuse him with the 18-month-old, given their closeness in size. Now his Purpleness is putting the hammer down on fan sites that dare to publish photographs of the aging, diminutive pop star. Prince recently gave away copies of his latest album, Planet Earth, for free with a copy of The Mail on Sunday, a UK newspaper. No word on how many people kept the newspapers and chucked the CD.

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