Local builders impressed by Vista RC1

Local builders impressed by Vista RC1

Local box builders are impressed by Release Candidate 1 (RC1) of Microsoft's forthcoming Windows Vista operating system.

Although circulating to some testers since early September, local box builders have only had their hands on RC1 since last week.

"This latest build we have is quite stable and we haven't found any problems as yet," Optima technical manager, Cameron Harding, said. "In previous beta versions we did notice problems such as documentation not completed. Drivers are always a problem, too, because until RC1 the manufacturers wouldn't certify their drivers."

Altech's national sales manager, Kevin Hartin, said: "What we have here is stable and very close to the release to manufacture version. When the RCs get put together, things start falling into place because all the debug code has been purged from system and away we go."

With the operating system matured, local builders are now turning their attention to the machines they will build to run it.

Synnex product manager of system integration, Jason Lee, said it had begun experimenting with notebooks and was soon to build a Vista PC.

"We have mobile hardware in testing with this current version of the OS and we'll be starting on desktops soon," he said. "Vista is good with a 64-bit processor and at least 1GB of RAM."

Altech's Hartin said it had begun experimenting with hardware too, again citing the minimum RAM required of 1GB.

"The minimum RAM to be Vista ready is 1GB and, as a memory distributor, I'm happy about that!" he said. "But really, anyone who's purchased a mid-level or better machine for more than $1200 in the past three months should be OK to upgrade."

The builders agreed that, in addition to RAM, a powerful graphics card would also be required to run Vista and its all-new 'Aero' interface.

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