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New Bagle Trojan on the loose, warns Sophos

  • 01 March, 2005 18:29

<p>Sophos, a world leader in protecting businesses against spam and viruses, has detected many samples of a new Trojan, called Troj/BagleDl-L, via its worldwide network of monitoring stations.</p>
<p>This Trojan appears deliberately to have been spammed out into many countries, including Australia. Most of the email samples seen so far include a ZIP attachment which, when opened, includes a program file named "doc_01.exe" or "prs_03.exe", or some other innocuous sounding name.</p>
<p>If the program inside the ZIP file is opened, the Trojan tries to connect to one of a number of websites in order to download further malicious code. At the time of writing, none of these websites appeared to contain anything malicious.</p>
<p>Additionally, Troj/BagleDl-L tries to stop various security applications such as anti-virus and firewall software, to rename files belonging to security applications (so they can no longer load), and to block access to a range of security-related websites by changing the Windows HOSTS file.</p>
<p>Despite the wide distribution of this malicious program, Sophos has received very few reports of active infections in Australia. Also, because this program is a Trojan, and not a virus, it cannot spread further of its own accord.</p>
<p>Nevertheless, Sophos is advising customers to check that their anti-virus is up-to-date. "Any Trojan which turns off your anti-virus or firewall can open you up to further attack, even by very old viruses," warns Paul Ducklin, Sophos's Sydney-based Head of Technology, Asia Pacific. "And remember: unsolicited email attachments are often interesting, but usually for all the wrong reasons. Don't open them. You are just playing into the hands of the bad guys."</p>
<p>More info on this Trojan can be found at:</p>
Paul Ducklin ( is available for comment:
+61 2 9409 9100 (tel)
+61 407 320 515 (mob)
+61 2 9409 9191 (fax)</p>
<p>Sophos's press contact at Gotley Nix Evans is:
Michael Henderson (
+61 2 9957 5555 (tel)
+61 413 054 738 (mob)
+61 2 9957 5575 (fax)</p>

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