Dell takes consultative approach

Dell takes consultative approach

Dell Australia is further committing itself to dominating the enterprise computing market by establishing its own internal consulting unit, Dell Technology Consulting. The unit is limited in staff, mostly veterans from Dell's services division.

The unit's inception results from the inherent complexity of the enterprise arena. The DTC group's main concerns will be pre-sales design and post-sales implementation of hardware. Specifically, the unit will be concentrating on server migration and storage consolidation; a case in point will no doubt be the imminent launch of Dell's range of blade servers, or modular computers, as the computer giant is calling them. "The Dell Technology Group is very important," said Rob Small, Dell's manager of corporate communications. "It's part of our whole enterprise pitch."

Small said that the group is very much a part of the established network of Dell's partners, such as Unisys. In fact, where the DTC thinks it best, it will recommend one of Dell's partners to properly assist in a customer's workplace. "It's designed to allow us to deliver ‘the whole package' if that's what our customers want, as well as allow us to deliver a broader range of services to tertiary industries and government departments," he said. Small is also not worried about ruffling feathers in the channel. "We're not interested in people still trying to make a buck reselling hardware," he said.

"There's no money to be made there - it's kinda goofy that people think this way."

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