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NETGEAR launches simple solution for extending a home wireless network

  • 11 September, 2006 17:09

<p>NETGEAR dominates home wireless market with the release of Powerline products</p>
<p>Sydney, Australia (September 11, 2006) – NETGEAR (Nasdaq: NTGR) has added a spark to home networking with two products that extend a network via a house's electrical wiring.</p>
<p>The Powerline products enable people to plug into their home network via a standard power outlet eliminating the need to run network cables around the home and offering faster speeds and more reliable connections than wireless networks in some situations.</p>
<p>The NETGEAR XE104 85Mbps Ethernet Extender Kit and XE103 85Mbps Wall Plugged Ethernet Adapter enable Mums, Dads and kids to connect to the network from any room in the house to share files, devices such as printers and scanners, and access the Internet.</p>
<p>The XE104 85Mbps Wall Plugged Ethernet Extender Kit and XE103 85Mbps Wall Plugged Ethernet Adapter connect to a PC via an Ethernet cable and transmit a broadband Internet connection to every corner of the home through the electrical wiring and a second adapter.</p>
<p>The XE103 and XE104 do not require users to install supporting and the plugs will automatically adjust to find the best data rate and eliminate interference from household appliances, maintaining a solid stream of data transfer.</p>
<p>The XE104 will transform an electrical outlet into a four-port home network connection, while the XE103 provides a single port network connection.</p>
<p>“Powerline marks NETGEAR’s domination of the home wireless market. Consumers can now purchase every product required to establish a wireless network from NETGEAR,” said NETGEAR Asia Pacific Vice President, Ian McLean.</p>
<p>“The XE104 and XE103 provide a practical solution for extending broadband and Ethernet connections through the home without the clutter or cost of wires, or access issues with wireless devices in certain areas. The switches will support speeds up to 85Mbps, which is more than enough for even the fastest ADSL2+ services and other bandwidth-hungry applications like video and audio streaming.</p>
<p>“The XE104 supports the increased demand on wireless infrastructure in the ‘digital home,” concluded McLean.</p>
<p>Other features of the XE103 and XE104 include:</p>
<p>- The ability to work with two or three prong standard electrical outlets.</p>
<p>- Compatibility with any standard 10 or 100Mbps Ethernet devices.</p>
<p>- Data rates up to 85Mbps with other Powerline devices such as game consoles, desktop PCs, notebook PCs, NETGEAR’s SC101 Storage Central, SlingBox™ and Internet Routers.</p>
<p>The NETGEAR XE104 85Mbps Wall Plugged Ethernet Extender Kit (RRP: $169) and XE103 85Mbps Wall Plugged Ethernet Adapter (RRP: $129) will be available from NETGEAR’s value-added resellers mid-September. Backed by 24x7 technical support, it comes with NETGEAR’s standard one-year warranty.</p>
<p>A high-resolution image of the NETGEAR XE104 85Mbps Wall Plugged Ethernet Extender Kit is available for download from:</p>
<p>A high-resolution image of the NETGEAR XE103 85Mbps Wall Plugged Ethernet Adapter is available for download from:</p>
<p>About NETGEAR</p>
<p>NETGEAR (Nasdaq: NTGR) designs technologically advanced, branded networking products that address the specific needs of businesses and home users. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, NETGEAR’s suite of approximately 100 products enables users to share Internet access, peripherals, files, digital multimedia content and applications among multiple personal computers and other Internet-enabled devices. For more information, visit the company's website at or call 02 8448 2072.</p>
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