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Optima appointed to supplier panel for Victorian Government

  • 06 September, 2006 14:22

<p>SYDNEY, Australia – Optima Technology Solutions (ASX:OPI), the leading Australian computer manufacturer, has been awarded a three-year supply panel position with the Victorian Government.</p>
<p>The request for tender was issued by the Victorian Government and was open to all IT vendors operating in Australia. Panel members were announced at the end of April, and presented to the CIOs of each government department in August.</p>
<p>Optima is certified to provide desktops and notebooks and accompanying service support, including production build, software configuration/image load, onsite installation, onsite warranty support and disposal.</p>
<p>The contract covers 12 mandated agencies, though non-mandated agencies are also able purchase from the panel vendors under the same contract conditions.</p>
<p>Dr Tony Aitkenhead, Chief Technology Officer, Multimedia Victoria said the key challenge facing government is ensuring the PC and Notebook State Purchase Contract continues to deliver value-for-money goods and services. The supply arrangement must strike the best balance between low total cost of ownership and high user productivity. Government aims to maintain an up-to-date PC and notebook fleet, but at the same time, reduce the overall number of SOE (standard operating environment) images being used within Victorian Government departments, Dr Aitkenhead stated.</p>
<p>The Victorian Government has appointed a panel with the right number of suppliers to ensure competition and guarantee supply. Throughout the life of the contract technology refresh will be carefully managed, so as to ensure a stable computing environment for all Government Departments.</p>
<p>Richard Kerr, Victorian Sales Manager for Optima said that end-users benefit from a panel contract through choice and access to competitive pricing without committing to buy. The benefit for vendors lies in being part of a limited field of exclusive suppliers with an agreed list of products -- this aids vendors in their production line and order planning.</p>
<p>“Optima was successful in winning a spot on the panel as a preferred supplier for all three hardware categories, Intel desktops, and two categories of Intel notebooks. Optima was also endorsed to supply AMD platform desktops.</p>
<p>“Optima has a long history of consistently meeting delivery targets and providing quality products. As Optima is an Australian company, it has full control over its supply chain and is able to deliver a level of flexibility that many other vendors find difficult to compete with.</p>
<p>“Our technicians, help-desk, manufacturing facilities and management team are all Australian-based, allowing us to provide a high level of service and support to all customers regardless of location.</p>
<p>“Optima understands governments want access to choice and competition but also need to standardise IT infrastructure as much as possible. As Optima has control locally, it is able to change its own procurement and warehousing strategy to directly suit this need by ensuring platforms are not changed every three months and customers get what they want for as long as they want it,” explained Kerr.</p>
<p>Optima focuses 100 per cent on the Australian market and has the largest portfolio of government business amongst vendors. Its extended experience in this sector has aided its understanding of the needs of government: reliable IT infrastructure, responsive supply and excellent service support to increase productivity, safeguard investment and save operating expenditure.</p>
<p>“Optima keeps winning government business because its focus is on the long-term -- consistently delivering on the SLA (service level agreement) ensures repeat customers,” said Kerr.</p>
<p>About Optima Technology Solutions</p>
<p>Founded in 1989, Optima has grown to become the largest Australian manufacturer of notebooks, desktop personal computers and servers. Headquartered in Sydney, with branch offices in Melbourne and Brisbane, Optima is ideally placed by size and strength to promptly supply and actively support customers through a nationwide supply and service network.</p>

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