What's New: <i>ARN</i> looks at the latest products for the week commencing June 20, 2007

What's New: <i>ARN</i> looks at the latest products for the week commencing June 20, 2007

Avocent MergePoint 5200

MergePoint 5200 is a management gateway appliance which can utilise existing service processor technologies - including the standard IPMI, Dell Remote Access Cards and HP Integrated Lights Out - to help administrators manage the entire server lifecycle. The vendor claims it simplifi es server manageability, increases productivity and reduces costs. With support for the new SMASH CLP standard, the MergePoint 5200 allows enterprises to take advantage of standards based management technologies to streamline servers within heterogeneous environments. Previously, because servers were not SMASH enabled, companies were unable to utilise the standards interface. The 5200 creates a common layer between existing servers and SMASH commands by providing a translation to command line protocols used by the various service processors running on servers. It provides single syntax and semantics for operations at the server hardware command line, simplifying management and automation as well as training and support.

Distributed by Comsol, Blue Ridge Systems, Tecksel, Dualtek Computer Products and MPA Systems.
RRP: $6,154.50

Rittal PMC 200

In the past, most UPS products were manufactured to deliver their maximum output at a lagging power factor of 0.8. With the advent of technologies such as blade servers, however, electrical loads have shifted to a leading power factor which results in a potential de-rating of a traditional UPS. The Rittal PMC 200 has been designed to accommodate for this shift and provides maximum output for electrical loads between 0.9 leading and 0.8 lagging power factor. The high power density of the PMC 200 can cover up to 200kW per rack or 250kW/m2 of floor space. The modular, transformer-less system can be equipped with up to five UPS modules, available in 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 32 and 40kW models. This modular concept also covers future power demands, which can be retrofitted whilst the UPS is still online. Thanks to the reduction in weight, most modules can now be installed and removed by one person.
Distributed by Rittal.
RRP: From $27,500

APC Smart-UPS XL 2200/3000VA

These two appliances and the corresponding Battery Pack are designed to help users protect data by supplying reliable, network-grade power and scalable runtime in a tower or rackmount form factor. This makes the units ideal for servers, and voice and data networks. The two models offer unsurpassed runtime capability for business applications that demand continual uptime, allowing organisations to configure up to 10 matching battery packs for runtime exceeding 24 hours. They offer a range of new features including higher power factor (0.9) and a built-in emergency power off (EPO) port. There's also extended range automatic voltage regulation (AVR), which provides higher application availability by correcting low and high voltage conditions without drawing off the battery. The new units will replace the legacy tower and 5U rack mount models at both 2200 and 3000VA. Distributed by Express Data, Ingram Micro and DPSA. RRP: Smart-UPS XL 2200VA - $2800; Smart-UPS XL 3000VA - $3600

Emerson Liebert GXT2 UPS

The GXT2 is an on-line UPS featuring power factor correction, internal batteries, frequency conversion, unlimited external battery connectability and internal automatic/manual bypass capability. For maximum flexibility, it can be installed as a rack-mounted unit or a free standing tower at local or remote sites. The GXT2 will work with Intellislot OCWEB cards, Relaycard-Int (relay contacts) and USBCARD. Users can replace batteries without removing the GXT2 from its rack. It also includes software that allows users to custom configure the hardware for any application or environment. Besides mission critical devices, Emerson promotes the unit as being ideal for use in environments including LAN and WAN servers, clustered network equipment such as hubs, routers, bridges, remote telecommunications units, office relecommunications systems and factory floor protection of micro processor-controlled equipment. A standard two-year warranty with extensions is available.
Distributed by LAN Systems, JMills Distribution, Power Quality Consultants and Proactive.
RRP: From $985

Power Shield Commander

The Commander provides temporary backup power supply, telephone and modem surge protection with a pure sine wave. The range has recently been updated with an on-board battery computer called Real Time Battery Management. Although all of the information can be accessed using the enclosed software, any time the user can toggle through the numerical LCD display on the front of the UPS and easily determine parameters such as: voltage of batteries, temperature of batteries, UPS load, buck and boost mode, frequency, input voltage, output voltage, time remaining on battery, time before auto-shutdown and time set for auto-on. The Australian-owned Commander UPS range also features surge protection that will accept a rating of 1558 joules.
Distributed by Impact Systems, Dexana, AFC Group, Queensland Power Protection, Copyworld Connect, IKON Systems and Power Shield.
RRP: $495-$2000 (depending on electrical capacity)

MGE Pulsar MX Frame

As small and mid-size companies grow, so too do their power requirements. To meet this need, MGE Office Protection Systems has designed the scaleable Pulsar MX 5000 RT power and battery modules and Pulsar MX Frame. Designed to deliver business continuity 24x7, the Pulsar MX uses a modular, redundant architecture that can scale power and runtime as demand increases or when higher levels of availability are required - all in a compact and affordable system. Among the unit's features are online dual conversion topology providing high availability; dynamic redundancy providing flexibility; compactness and ability to rack mount the frame (16RU only); versatile output sockets, mixture of 10amp, 16amp and hard-wired output and a flexible power source, three phase or single phase as standard.
Distributed by MGE Office Protection Systems.
RRP: Price on application

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