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NetComm Launches Latest Business-Grade Switch

  • 06 September, 2006 09:10

<p>NetComm, a leading provider of broadband, Internet and communications products, has announced the launch of a new Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch – the NP2500PoE Websmart 24-port Switch. It delivers 24 Fast Ethernet (10/100) ports that also incorporates PoE plus 2 Gigabit ports (1,000 BASE-T) for a total of 26 ports.</p>
<p>“The NP2500PoE is an addition to NetComm’s line of business-grade switching equipment. The 24 ports can deliver both data networking and power, so users do not need to install dedicated electrical power points to power a device, or have separate cabling for power and power outlets,” said David Stewart, Managing Director, NetComm. “The NP2500PoE is an ideal solution for a small or medium business that runs devices requiring PoE support – and it will save them money. This product has the potential to reduce installation and operating costs by 50 percent.”</p>
<p>The NP2500PoE switch is designed to deliver data networking and power to a PoE-compatible networked device such as a VoIP Phone, Wireless Access Point or IP Network Camera over a standard Category 5 Ethernet cable. The 24-PoE ports can also support non-PoE compatible devices so that legacy (powered) and PoE devices can run on the one switch. The gigabit ports are useful for the devices that need quicker network transfer speeds such as a server. The entire 26 ports support auto MDI/MDI-X so that either straight-through or cross-over Ethernet cabling can be used.</p>
<p>The NP2500PoE supports port-based Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) where devices on certain switch ports can be grouped together into a ‘virtual’ group. It means that users can group the devices that they need together into a VLAN independent of other devices on the network. Furthermore it allows users to create multiple domains on the one network infrastructure. This helps small and medium businesses save money because they do not require the expense of additional routers and increased security – only the devices within the VLAN will broadcast data to one another.</p>
<p>With the NP2500PoE, a network administrator can manually disable or set the speed for each port (flow control) to adjust the flow of data from one device to another. This ensures that the receiving device can handle all of the incoming data. This is a useful feature when the sending device can send data much faster than the receiving device can accept it.</p>
<p>In addition, the NP2500PoE supports port trunking. This process is the use of multiple ports to increase the bandwidth capacity for a device. A device has a maximum bandwidth of 100Mbps if it is using only one port. Port trunking allows up to 8-ports to be combined in a single trunk effectively increasing the bandwidth for a single device up to 800 Mbps.</p>
<p>Network traffic can be monitored with this product, enabling the IT Manager to keep close track of switch performance and alter it if necessary.</p>
<p>The NP2500PoE is available now through NetComm product stockists nationally for AUD$1199.00 (inc. GST). Product inquiries can be made to 02 9424 2070 or</p>
<p>About NetComm</p>
<p>NetComm is Australia's leading provider of broadband hardware solutions. It holds a commanding position in the key markets of Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), high-speed networking, wireless, hotspots, VoIP and DSLAMs. NetComm products are researched, developed and engineered in Australia to meet local requirements and conditions. The company has a history of sustained growth and innovation, and is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: NTC). For more information visit</p>
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